DBW 700Y

DBW 700Y
A very cost effective method to help minimize the performance losses from installing oversized tires. This combination of different weight rollers for the drive clutch is a variable tuning kit and can be set up for different oversized tire/ altitude applications. There is no increase in engagement (stall) rpm, so this kit still works well for low speed manoeverablilty like rock crawling, etc.

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Yamaha 700 Grizzly 4x4


Clutch Kits


DBW 700Y

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CAD $120.00 / USD $109.00


Jan 2008

Additional Notes:

The new Yamaha Grizzly 700 4x4 is a new improved version of its 660cc predecessor. Although the 686cc engine is not substantially larger or more powerful, it certainly has improved torque, throttle response and smoothness as a result of the electronic fuel injection (EFI). In stock form, the factory clutch calibration is fine for the supplied 25" tires, and no recalibration is necessary for the stock tires. Many consumers prefer the ground clearance and traction advantage of larger, more aggressive mud tires. Most, however, are not prepared for the amount of performance lost by installing bigger tires. Installing larger, heavier tires on this model does have a drastic negative effect on acceleration performance. Although an ATV with oversized tires can never be as quick as one with light weight stock tires, this kit can help recover some of the losses and breath some life back into your Grizzly. On the previous 660 models we have always included a new heavier secondary spring for the rear pulley. The new 700 model, however, comes from the factory with its own new heavier secondary spring that has proven satisfactory.