Primary springs for the new 2016 Arctic Procross models are a different size than previous Arctic primary springs. These springs are a proper fit in the new Team style Arctic primary clutch.

Product Specifications

Product Name:

2016+ Arctic Cat primary springs


Primary Springs



For :

Arctic Cat

Suggested list price :

CAD $32.00 / USD $29.95


Oct 2015

Additional Notes:

  part#  * load @ 2.7"  load @ 2.375" * load @ 1.7" load @ 1.375"
Dalton White / Orange DAPS-W/O 105  lbs 150 lbs 240 lbs 300 lbs
Dalton White / Red DAPS-W/R 140  lbs 200 lbs 285 lbs 380 lbs
Dalton White / Lime DAPS-W/L 125 lbs 167 lbs 260 lbs 318 lbs
Dalton White / Violet       DAPS-W/V 95 lbs 145 lbs 255 lbs 315 lbs
Dalton White / Silver DAPS-W/S  120 lbs 180 lbs 280 lbs 350 lbs
Dalton White / Bronze               DAPS-W/BZ 105 lbs 155 lbs 280 lbs 352 lbs
Dalton White / Gold DAPS-W/GD 158 lbs   285 lbs  
*Arctic# 0646473 (some stock turbo for comparison only)   120 lbs 165 lbs 265 lbs 335 lbs
*Arctic (some stock ZR8000 2016)    85 lbs   235 lbs  


* New Arctic load test comparisons are not the same as older Arctic Cat models. The 2016 factory Arctic Cat springs are load tested at 2.7" and 1.7" (some have the load specs marked right on the spring). As with all springs, if they are not compared at the same compressed height the numbers are irrelevant. Different manufacturers may also load test differently. Be sure of what you are comparing. See your dealer for more stock arctic spring specs.
 The best advice is to move forward and tune with the new Arctic numbers, however, since many want to be able to compare the new springs to the older style clutch and springs, we have also provided the load test comparisons similar to older ones.