The Sportsman 1000 Highlifter Edition is a different version of the 1000 cc Polaris ATV. Although it is similar to the Sportsman/Scrambler 1000, this model was purpose built for extra large mud tires. It comes with not only high clearance arms and snorkels, but also a different factory primary clutch and much lower gearing. The low gearing changes everything for clutch calibration.
As much as we would love to sell you a lot of parts, the fact is that during testing we quickly realized that the factory had done a pretty good job with the clutch calibration of this vehicle. Nice to see.
The part that we found soft was the initial take off, and the low end response in certain situations. When all was said and done we have a new primary spring that is just right to improve the bottom end without being to aggressive. The DPPS-B/T (Dalton Black/Tan) primary spring is a noticeable improvement. A smooth, more positive engagement that is only slightly higher rpm than stock results in better acceleration and throttle response. A nice gain in low end and performance at a very inexpensive price.

Product Specifications

Product Name:

2016-2017 Polaris Sportsman 1000 Highlifter Edition (only)


Clutch Kits



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CAD $32.00 / USD $29.95


Jul 2016