Most newer 800/850 models, and many others of the late model Polaris snowmobiles use a Team TSS-04 (LWT) secondary clutch.

We ONLY build helixes for the TSS-04 versions for the Polaris “Team” secondary clutches, These helixes are not for the older Team clutch, or for the aftermarket Team “Tied” clutch.

All the ones we cut are for Electronic Reverse 2 stroke engine models

Product Specifications

Product Name:

Polaris TSS-04 Team helixes





For :


Suggested list price :

CAD $139.00 / USD $119.00


Mar 2017

Available Angles

  • TP 42-33.15 ER
  • TP 44-33.15 ER
  • TP 42-36.36 ER
  • TP 42-38.36 ER
  • TP 50-38.36 ER
  • TP 56-38.36 ER
  • TP 60-38.46 ER
  • TP 59-39.36 ER
  • TP 59-39.46 ER
  • TP 44-40.36 ER
  • TP 50-40.36 ER
  • TP 52-40.46 ER
  • TP 54-40.46 ER
  • TP 56-40.46 ER
  • TP 58-40.36 ER
  • TP 58-40.46 ER
  • TP 60-40.36 ER
  • TP 60-40.46 ER
  • TP 50-42.46 ER
  • TP 54-42.36 ER
  • TP 54-42.46 ER
  • TP 56-42.36 ER
  • TP 56-42.46 ER
  • TP 58-42.36 ER
  • TP 58-42.46 ER
  • TP 60-42.36 ER
  • TP 62-42.46 ER
  • TP 64-42.46 ER
  • TP 74-42.46 ER
  • TP 48-44.46 ER
  • TP 56-44.36 ER
  • TP 58-44.36 ER
  • TP 58-44.46 ER
  • TP 60-44.36 ER
  • TP 60-44.46 ER
  • TP 64-44.46 ER
  • TP 66-44.46 ER
  • TP 70-44.46 ER
  • TP 60-46.36 ER
  • TP 48/50P ER
  • TP 48/52P ER

*Note: Any reverse angles we cut for the Polaris Team clutch are always progressive type.

  • TP 44/36P ER
  • TP 44/38P ER
  • TP 46/36P ER
  • TP 46/38P ER
  • TP 46/40P ER
  • TP 46/42P ER
  • TP 48/40P ER
  • TP 50/40P ER
  • TP 50/42P ER
  • TP 50/44P ER
  • TP 52/40P ER
  • TP 52/42P ER
  • TP 52/44P ER
  • TP 56/38P ER
  • TP 58/34P ER
  • TP 58/38P ER
  • TP 58/40P ER
  • TA 58/50P ER

Note: Please choose from the available angle chart above. We often can do angles not listed on the charts but there will be extra programming fees applied, and will require 3-5 business days added to the order. Always contact for availability.

Additional Notes:

TP* = Team Polaris
ER* = Electronic engine reverse model (two stroke)
*We work with many brands and styles of helix cut. Please be sure to use complete part numbers when you contact us !
Example TA 56-40.46 ER

Example:  helix number 56-40.46  This is a Team/Polaris COMPOUND style. The helix is a 56-40, and the .46 does not designate any angle. The .46 (add a zero) designates .460" duration used in the first part of the helix ramp. It is important to realize that this 2 angle helix is mostly a straight 40 helix. The second number is dominant. The first part of the helix is a 56-40 blend, and is only used for a short duration.

If you are not familiar with these types of compound designs, be careful when choosing. If you compare these numbers to some other brands, or progressives, it could be very misleading. For instance, adding a couple degrees to what is a very short first part of the helix may have less effect than you think, because it is such a short part of the ramp. Also, adding "duration" to that first part may have more effect than you expect. The last number in the part number designates duration of the first part of the ramp.