2017 + RZR turbo has a higher HP level right out of the box than the previous version, as well as some different stock clutch components in both clutches that require different tuning.

This clutch kit includes a new version set of Dalton’s “Quick Adjust” flyweights. This flyweight set is fully external adjustable. This means you can add or subtract all of the flyweight mass without even removing the flyweights from the clutch or even taking the belt off the machine. This new base weight is specific to the 2017+ models, and is adjustable for tires and terrain. New springs are also included.

The kit is designed to work together and improves response and acceleration as well as better back shifting of the belt when the vehicle senses load from soft terrain or hills. If the belt backshifts properly it helps control belt temperatures in harsh conditions.

These new Quick Adjust flyweights are simple to tune and experiment if you have light mods or if you switch tires for different applications.

The instruction manual includes a “set up guide” that tells you how to set up for different tires and conditions on a stock vehicle.

* This kit was designed and tested for the regular 2 seat XP Turbo.

As you can see on our main web page, sometimes (like on the XP 1000), we offer different kit versions for 4 seat vehicles. Heavier vehicle weight, gearing and/or loads of a 4 seat vehicle sometimes require a slightly different rate of shift of the belt or they can react to loads differently.

We have not tested or verified any results on a 4 seat version. This kit may physically fit and be able to be adjusted to help,... however we know better, and do not make “guesses” at or recommend things we have not thoroughly tested.

If or when we do this site info will be updated.

Product Specifications

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2017+ Polaris XP Turbo (two seat version*) Stock or oversized tires


Clutch Kits



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CAD $375.00 / USD $329.00


Aug 2018