2016+ Arctic Procross Secondary Springs

2016+ Arctic Procross Secondary Springs

Springs for the 2016 secondary are a different diameter and fit compared to previous models. Dalton's springs for this secondary have the proper tang location and fitment for this clutch.

Product Specifications

Product Name:

2016+ arctic secondary springs


Secondary Springs


2016+ Arctic Procross Secondary Springs

For :

Arctic Cat

Suggested list price :

CAD $33.00 / USD $29.95


Sep 2015

Additional Notes:

    * @2.6" @ 1.6"
Dalton Orange/White DPSS-O/W 160 lbs 220 lbs
Dalton Orange/Black DPSS-O/B 175 lbs 245 lbs
Dalton Orange/Violet      DPSS-O/V 185 lbs 265 lbs
Dalton Orange/Lime DPSS-O/L 130 lbs 230 lbs
Dalton Orange/Tan DPSS-O/T 135 lbs 215 lbs
Arctic Part# 0648-857 (stock on some procross models)             (for ref. only)           140 lbs   200 lbs

* Note: When comparing load rates to any other spring for a similar application, it is critical that you are comparing loads at the same load height. There are many inconsistencies in the listings of springs and tested load heights.