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Snowmobile FAQ

Will Dalton suggest which components to use for my snowmobile application?

Answer: Sorry, we do not make "kits" or recommend set ups for snowmobiles. We manufacture individual tuning components. Racers, clutch kit companies, and people who like to tune their own sled love our wide selection. If field testing is not your thing, there are some companies listed on our FAQ page that may be able to help.

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Dalton Billet Helix for Ski-Doo XP/XR Models ('08 and up)

Dalton produces Billet CNC machined helixes for the QRS secondary clutch found on the 08 + XP/XR chassis from Ski-Doo. Many straight and multi angle cuts available. Angle geometry is the same as factory for easy comparison and tuning. These helixes...

RER (Electronic Reverse) Helix
(For 03-06 button, non-roller clutch only)

These helixes fit many of the electronic reverse models like the popular REV platform. Now even more angles to choose from. Note: These model helixes designated by the letters "RS" before the angle...
Roller Clutch Electronic Reverse Helixes
These helixes fit Ski-Doo models that have the 05-07 roller secondary clutch and electronic reverse like the Rev-”X” models and the 1000 cc twin cylinder models.

* These are for the roller clutch only.

Note: Dalton...
Ski-Doo Helixes (non RER)

Dalton’s helixes for the Ski-Doo DSA models feature a stainless steel hub, closer tolerances, better corrosion resistance and a hard coated outer surface. Note: These models for the DSA (non RER) secondary...

Primary Springs

Ski-Doo TRA Primary Springs
Ski-Doo E-drive 2 Primary Springs

(E-Drive 2 primary clutch, some 4 stroke)

The 2013 Skidoo 1200cc e-drive 2 primary spring part number 417223746 has loads of 110 lbs@ 60.6mm/190 @ 28mm. Other models and years may be different. Consult your dealer/service...

Ski-Doo P-Drive primary springs
The 2017 Skidoo 850 models come with the P-Drive primary clutch. We have the following options available for this primary clutch:   The following springs are load tested as a  “ Assembly...

Secondary Springs

Dalton Secondary Clutch Springs for Ski-Doo

Dalton clutch springs are manufactured from highest quality materials and process.

Note: Some aftermarket companies compare loads at different test height. It is important that you are comparing at the same load test height when...
Dalton Secondary Clutch Springs for Ski-Doo (Torsion style) 4 stroke models

Many of the newer Skidoo 4 stroke models use a torsion style secondary spring. We have some options for those who do clutch tuning.

The updated OEM spring (2014 short track, OEM# 417 127 344*) we received was, like this...


New Clutch Tool for '08-'09 Ski-Doo XP Helixes
Dalton Compression tool for the new QRS clutch on 2008-2009 Ski- Doo “XP” series. After removing the clutch from the new XP this compression tool makes helix and secondary spring changes easy.
New compression tool for the 2010 XP sleds
New compression tool for the 2010 + XP sleds. A different shaft and belt adjuster requires this version of the tool on the new chassis.
DaltonPro Ultimate Heavy Pins for Ski- Doo TRA Drive Clutch 14.5g- 25g*

Heat treated alloy tool steel outer housing. CNC machined for exact fit. This high strength material and process provides a hard, smooth surface.  A better surface finish can result in longer life for roller...

DaltonPro Midweight Premium Pin Kit for Ski Doo Drive Clutch 14.5g-20.4 grams

This kit offers DaltonPro quality in a very cost effective package and still offers full use of clicker adjustability with up to 20.4 grams. Although it may not offer the extreme flexibility as our “Ultimate Heavy” pin kit, it is...

Lightweight Premium pin kit

11.5 - 17.4 grams

Clutch Ramps for Ski-Doo TRA 3, TRA 5

These new ramps are manufactured by Dalton and are heat treated and black oxide finished.

DTR-1 has been very popular on the new Mach Z twin when used with our BRUTE ARMS for trail...

DaltonPro Brute Arms for the TRA5 Drive Clutch
The new Ski Doo 1000 cc Twin comes from the factory with heavy steel lever arms in the drive clutch. At the request of many clutch tuners, Dalton has produced the new Brute Arms. These 60 gram arms are built from high strength 70 75 alloy billet...
Dalton Midweight Brute Arms (TRA 3 Rev Chassis and newer clutches.)

The Midweight Brute Arms are another option for tuning today's Ski doo models. Following the tradition of the original Dalton Brute Arms, they are built from super tough 7075 alloy.

Some clutch tuners like to use more arm weight and less at...

FULL SHIFT ROLLERS by Dalton Industries

Replacement rollers for BRP governor/ spider assembly on E-Drive 2 and Can Am ATV, UTV, and (6 arm primary clutches).

The factory rollers in the primary drive clutch on most newer Can Am ATV's, UTV's, and on the E-Drive 2 clutch are now...

Primary Clutch Puller


Fits most Ski Doo models with TRA all through ('92-2011) EXCEPT 583 engine and smaller, and the E-tec 800 2011+