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Dalton Industries manufactures case specific clutch kits for your favourite ATV and UTV applications . Choose your model below. Click on any kit part number for more specific detail on the model.

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Clutch Kits

2013 + Arctic Cat Wildcat “X” models, (w/Team Clutches only). Two seat version*

One clutch kit that can be set up for different terrain and tires sizes/elevations means accurate clutch tuning for your situation. Improved acceleration, back shifting, and belt performance.

The location of the clutches on the Wildcat X makes the Dalton flyweights a great tuning option. This kit includes Dalton's patented "Quick Adjust" flyweight system that allows you to add or subtract weight from the flyweights for fine tuning without even removing the flyweights from the drive clutch. T-handle allen wrench and quick adjust set screws included.

Dalton's new "Quick Adjust" flyweight in this kit was designed specifically for this 2013+ Wildcat X application.

Instruction manual includes "flyweight Set-Up Guide" for most applications.

Click here to see the Dirt Trax TV Trail Tech session that includes installing this kit.

* What about the 4 seat version?

This kit was designed, tested and developed on a two seat version of this vehicle. CVT clutch calibration is “controlling rate of shift of the belt” in many situations. It is related to HP, weight of the vehicle, terrain application, tires, etc. The correct clutch calibration is always vehicle and application specific. In some instances of other side by side vehicles we can use the same or similar kits in both vehicle versions with different instructions. In others, it requires a kit with some different components.

Although these parts will physically “fit” the clutches and could help, we have not tested a four seat version of this vehicle and thus cannot comment or make recommendations for that application.
2014+ Arctic Cat Wildcat 700 Trail/Sport

Stock or oversized tires

Optimum CVT clutch calibration for the Wildcat Trail/Sport 700 series.

This kit offers a more smooth and positive engagement of the belt. One clutch kit that can be set up for...

Arctic Cat 425, 450, and 2013 500cc 4X4 models
2010-2012 Arctic Cat 450 H-1 models, 2011-2012 Arctic Cat 425 4X4, 2013+ Arctic Cat 500, (and 2011-2012 Kymco MXU 450.) Stock and oversized tires.

Better bottom and mid performance. This is a simple, effective clutch re-calibration...
AC 700 EFI 4x4, 06 & 07', 1 cyl. only. Suzuki engine model only
Not for H-1 Arctic engine models

Click Here to watch the Video!

Improved acceleration and backshifting and maintains more consistent RPM under load conditions. A...

AC 700 EFI Suzuki engine model only
Not for H-1 Arctic engine models

This new version of our proven DSK700EF kit now comes with "complete roller assemblies." Complete rollers means quicker, easier installation,and a new wear surface at the time of installation. Improved...

AC 700 EFI

A kit designed for increased acceleration and backshifting when using big mud tires. Also aids in recovery of power lost at high elevations (above 4000 ft) with moderate typical trail tires. Not for use with stock tires at low...

08-09 Arctic Cat Thundercat H-2 4x4, 1000 H-2 Cruiser

Oversized tires/High elevation

Arctic’s flagship H-2 4x4 model is a powerhouse in stock form. This simple clutch re-calibration helps improve the acceleration even more. The new set of rollers...

Arctic Cat 500i 4x4 2003-2009, oversized tires

This complete clutch recalibration helps recover power lost from oversize tires. A slightly heavier secondary spring and roller system that is calibrated tothe spring and the required tires.

Note: This version requires you to...
2003-09 Arctic Cat 500 Auto (also fits 07-08 Moose Tracker 4x4, some other 500cc 4x4 imports)

New version with complete roller assemblies

A new kit that contains complete drop in roller assemblies. This kit is designed to re-calibrate the shift pattern to help recover some of the losses...

04-06' Arctic Cat 650 V Twin 4x4 (Kawasaki engine)

This kit combines our popular plain/purple secondary clutch spring with the blue primary. This cost-effective combination has proven most effective for the 650 V twin. Stock flyweights are best for most applications on this model and...

Arctic Cat 650/700 "H-1" ATV (not Mud Pro model*)

The popular Arctic 650/700 H-1 is calibrated fairly well for general use with stock tires, but oversized tires have a very negative effect. Many performance enthusiasts are well aware of the fact that even slightly bigger or heavier tires can...

Arctic Cat 650/700 H-1 (Arctic Engine)

2005 ONLY, single cyl. only, oversized tires.

The popular Arctic 650/700 H-1 is calibrated fairly well for general use with stock tires, but oversized tires have a very negative effect. Many performance enthusiasts...

650/700 Prowler XT Utility Vehicle

'06 only Prowler XT- oversized tires

For use only on the '06 model with older (compression spring ) secondary clutch.

650/700 Prowler XT Utility Vehicle


650/700 Prowler XT Utility Vehicle

'07+ 650/700 Prowler XT -oversized tires

For '07 & newer Prowler models (with new torsion style secondary clutch) use part # DA-650 HC for large tires and high altitude applications.

Primary Springs

04-06' Arctic Cat 650 V Twin 4x4 (Kawasaki engine)

This optional primary spring has slightly higher engagement than the Blue spring in the DKA6570MT kit, but also has stronger compressed load rating.Works well with some of the new extreme mud tires in 28" and up. Using...

Secondary Springs

04-06' Arctic Cat 650 V Twin 4x4 (Kawasaki engine)

The DPSS-AQ (Aqua) secondary spring is popular with the 28" and bigger tires for mud applications. For more case-specific info on Kawasaki/ Arctic V-twin models, see the Kawasaki secondary springs chart.