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Clutch Kits

2016-18 Can Am Outlander 1000R, Outlander 1000R Max, Renegade X XC 1000R models
Stock and oversized tires (up to and including 28”)   This one clutch tuning package can optimize CVT clutch calibration for different tires and terrains. Improved performance and clutch response. Proper clutch set up for...
2016-18 Can Am Outlander 1000R, Outlander 1000R Max, Renegade X XC 1000R models (Not XMR model*)
Extra large tires -29.5” and larger on Standard Outlander or Renegade (not XMR*)   This clutch kit was developed to work with the 2016-2018 1000R models listed.  The kit is designed to help recover losses from...
2016-2018 CAN-AM Outlander/ Renegade 1000 XMR 4X4 ATV
   Large aggressive mud tires ( stock XMR tires and larger)    This kit is designed for the lower gearing of the 2016 and newer XMR versions only -for regular versions see other listings.


2012-2015 CAN-AM Outlander 1000, Renegade 1000 4X4 ATV models

Outlander 1000 - Stock and oversized tires.
Renegade 1000 - Oversized tires* (or stock size for sand use or high elevation)

* Renegade 1000 Stock Tire - for typical hard packed and mixed trail use at low elevation, the factory...

2015-2017 Can Am Maverick XDS Turbo ( 2 seat version*)
Improved drive belt performance

The Turbo Maverick has a decent all around clutch calibration if just trail riding with stock tires. It can, however, quickly develop belt heat issues in high load situations like larger tires and soft...

2013- 2017 Maverick (not 2017+ XMR version) -Stock or oversized tires*, adjustable kit

Stock or oversized tires*, adjustable kit

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The Maverick is a new level of performance in sport side x side vehicles...

2017,18 Maverick XMR version (only)* – Oversized tires, 29” and larger.
The 2017 Maverick XMR mud version has different clutches on it than previous Maverick models. The primary and secondary clutches are similar to clutches on the XDS turbo Maverick.   This Clutch kit is designed for 29” and larger tires on...
Can-Am Commander 1000 (2011-2012) 4X4 Side x Side 1000 X, XT

Stock or oversized tires, adjustable kit.

Commander 1000 "OPTIONS" clutch kit.

This new clutch kit makes it possible to have one kit that suits a lot of different situations. Instead of having many different...

Can Am Commander 1000 (2013-2016)

Stock or oversized tires, adjustable kit.

The 2013 Commander 1000 uses a different secondary clutch than earlier models and thus requires different calibration. The same adjustability for terrain and conditions with a few...

New clutch kits for the Can Am 850 2016-18 models
Clutch kit versions available for stock or oversized tires. Accurate clutch calibration means improved performance in soft terrain and better belt life.   Two different adjustable kits   Having flyweights that are...
2013-2017 (not older models) 800 Commander clutch kits
Clutch kits available for stock or oversized tires. These kits are for 2013+ year models that have the newer torsion style secondary only. We have sport oriented kits that improve low end performance. Improved response and back shifting in soft...
Can-Am 800HO, 800R Outlander 4x4 2006-2015
Adjustable kit for Stock to 28" trail mix tire applications.

Improved bottom to mid range acceleration without sacrificing top speed. A new flyweight with a new curvature was designed specifically for this 800cc Outlander model. These new...
Can-Am 800 Renegade

All Renegade 800 versions. Stock or oversized tires to 28" *

The 800 Renegade is not only a lighter weight vehicle than the Outlander, it also has smaller stock tires and a different factory clutch calibration. The 800R kit...

DaltonPro Mudrunner Kit

2006-2015 800 Outlander / Renegade 4 X 4 - For 28" and larger competition mud tires ( adjustable kit.), also Outlander XMR version.

This kit is more focused on larger, extreme mud tires and heavy mud use. Includes our most popular primary...

Can-Am 650 Outlander, Outlander Max, XMR 4x4 (all years)

This clutch recalibration for the CAN-AM 650 Outlander offers flexible tuning options for stock or oversized tires and high elevations. Improved acceleration, throttle response and backshifting with no loss of top speed when set up properly for...

2016-18 Can Am 570 Outlander/Renegade models - Stock to 27" tires
  The 570 cc engines are a nice addition to the Can Am line up. The factory did a pretty good job of calibrating the vehicle in stock form. Nice to see. As much as we love to test and tune and sell parts that help, The fact is that after...
2016-18 Can Am 570 Outlander / Renegade / XMR - 28" and larger tires only
2016-18 Can Am 570 Outlander / Renegade / XMR – 28” and larger tires only  

This clutch kit is designed to optimize the rate of shift for 28” and larger tires.

Once you get tires that are...

500 Can Am/BRP Outlander/Renegade (all model years)

The 500 Can /Am is calibrated quite well for stock tires at low elevation. This clutch kit was developed to help recover losses incurred from installing oversized tires on the Can/Am 500. This clutch re-calibration is a great improvement in...

2015-2018 Can Am Outlander/Outlander Max 450 4X4 ATV – Oversized tires
The 450 Outlander has fairly good factory clutching for the stock tires at low elevation. This clutch kit was developed to help recover losses incurred from installing oversized tires.   This clutch re-calibration is a good improvement in...
Can-Am/ BRP Outlander 400

03 & up 400HO 4x4, 0 - 3000' elevation, stock or oversized tires

Improved acceleration, belt grip; low speed throttle response & pull in the mid-range with no loss of top speed. This kit includes adjustable engagement...


FULL SHIFT ROLLERS by Dalton Industries

Replacement rollers for BRP governor/ spider assembly on E-Drive 2 and Can Am ATV, UTV, and (6 arm primary clutches).

The factory rollers in the primary drive clutch on most newer Can Am ATV's, UTV's, and on the E-Drive 2 clutch are now...

Primary Springs

Can Am Outlander / Renegade models

Optional primary spring for DBO 650, DBO 800 & DBO 800R clutch kits

Our popular kits for Can- Am 650 and 800 models come with the Green/Yellow primary spring for maximum acceleration...

Can Am Outlander / Renegade models

The Dalton Green/Yellow primary spring is a popular tuning option on many Can Am ATV applications

Can Am Outlander / Renegade models

Optional Yellow/Blue primary for 650/800 Outlander /Renegade models.

This new progressive wound primary spring has similar to stock engagement rpm and still has sufficient load rating to function properly in the applications listed here....

Optional yellow/red Can Am primary spring

Yellow/Red primary spring part

This primary spring was designed for the competittion mud racers in 650/800cc applications with a higher engagement than the green/yellow that comes in the DBO800 kit and still has the required load rating to...

Secondary Springs

Dalton Black / Violet

Optional Dalton Secondary Clutch Spring- Can Am Outlander / Renegade 1000, 29.5" + Tires.

This optional secondary spring is designed for use with the Dalton clutch kits for the 1000 cc Outlander, Renegade, 2013 Commander, and Maverick Can...

Can Am Outlander / Renegade models

Yellow/Black secondary spring

For most applications the stock secondary spring on the 800's is preferable,but when using 28 and larger competittion mud tires this new optional secondary spring keeps low belt/clutch ratios better for the mud...