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Dalton Industries manufactures case specific clutch kits for your favourite ATV and UTV applications . Choose your model below. Click on any kit part number for more specific detail on the model.

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Clutch Kits

Kawasaki 750 Teryx RUV (Not for Teryx 4 or 800 cc)

Kit is designed specifically to fit the 2008-2013 750 Kawasaki Teryx RUV. This kit was developed to improve acceleration and back shift performance in a variety of conditions and also to help recover performance lost from installing large aggressive tires and mud conditions. Improved acceleration and back shifting under load. Also offers flexibility to tune your clutch to rider preference and conditions while still maintaining maximum belt grip. This kit uses Dalton's patented "Quick Adjust Cam Arms" which allow you to add or subtract mass from the main body of the flyweight without even removing the weight from the clutch. This helps make for quick and easy adjustment for tire sizes, conditions, and changes in rpm requirements from internal engine mods, etc . Although the teryx is calibrated fairly well for the totally stock machine ,there is still improvement even to a stock machine. This kit is very adaptable to mods/changes you may do the vehicle in the future, and you can adjust it to maximize the power delivery to the ground in many different changes/mods and situations. It is like having MANY clutch kits in one.

Comes with optional components and complete tuning and instruction manual to accurately set up your CVT system for stock tire, oversized tires, high elevation, or even modded engines.

2012-2020 Kawasaki 750 Brute Force 4X4

2012-2020 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4X4 - 26-28" Trail/Mud tires. (0-4000' elevation)

Developed to help recover losses from oversized tires.

For 2012 the 750 model comes with new factory flyweights in the drive...

2012-2020 Kawasaki 750 Brute Force 4X4

2012-2020 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4X4 - 28" Aggressive Mud Tire/Mud use and all 29.5" and larger tires only. This kit is also applicable for 26-28" aftermarket tires at high elevation (above 4000 ft) *

The 2012 BF 750...

2008-2011 Brute Force 750 EFI 4x4

For Stock or oversized tires to 27"
Adjustable for altitude and tire size

This kit is designed specifically to fit the new style drive clutch on the '08 750 Brute Force with the wide bushing. Improved...

2008-2011 Brute Force 750 EFI 4x4

28" and larger tires
(will not fit '05-'07 model years)

DK 750 EBT Designed for the new '08 750 Brute Force with the newer wide bushing drive clutch. This kit was developed to help recover...

DaltonPro Tuner Kit

2003-07 (Not for 08 and up) Kawasaki V Twins
KFX 700, KVF, BF 650, 700, 750 cc

This is a fully flexible Kawasaki primary clutch tuning kit for experienced clutch tuners and those who like to tune to perfection for specific...

05-07 Brute Force 750 4x4

For 05 07 models only

DK750 BF This sport-oriented clutch kit for the powerful Brute Force 4x4 offers improved acceleration and throttle response. Increased belt grip offers a more usable high range...

Kawasaki 650/700 Prairie, Brute Force 650i Models

Stock, 0-2000' elevation, tires up to 26"

This combination of a new, slightly heavier secondary spring and our plain/white primary spring has resulted in better belt grip and an increase in bottom and...

Kawasaki 650/700 Prairie, Brute Force 650i Models

Oversized tires 27-28"

This kit combines our popular plain/purple secondary spring with a new primary spring that has slightly higher fully compressed load rating. This combination has proven most effective for the...

KFX 700 V-Force

The DaltonPro V-Force clutch kit includes a new primary spring and our new billet steel flyweights specifically designed for the KFX 700 and offers increased acceleration and better belt life. Can be used for stock machines or with...


Teryx 750 Billet Overdrive Clutch Cover
'08 Kawasaki Teryx RUV - Race applications(non engine brake*)

The new Kawasaki Teryx RUV has a newer version and different drive clutch than any other or previous kawasaki atv models.Not only does this...

Billet Clutch Covers for Kawasaki

Non Engine Brake

This clutch Cover is CNC machined from aircraft quality billet aluminum and is hard anodized for a durable surface. It offers more strength, lighter weight, and better cooling for the Kawasaki KFX...

Primary Springs

Optional Dark Green Primary spring
Optional Dark Green Primary spring for Teryx clutch kit. Primary springs control many functions in controlling flyweight shifting,but one function that is primarily controlled by primary springs is engagement rpm The Dalton Teryx clutch kit is already...
Kawasaki 650/700 Prairie, Brute Force 650i Models

The optional orange/blue primary spring is sometimes used with the plain/purple secondary springs provided in the above kits for specific applications and rider preferences. It's slightly higher engagement than the Plain/white or the...

Secondary Springs

DPSS-AQ (Aqua)

Optional secondary clutch spring for Kawasaki V-twin models.

A nice addition to the DK 750 BF clutch kit when using 28" and bigger tires in mud applications. Stiffer initial load rating means slower...

DPSS-V (Violet)

Optional secondary spring for Kawasaki V-twin models

This secondary spring option was designed for use with some of today's super sized mud tires. Mud specific 30"-32" tires can be hard on many parts of an atv,...