DA 650H

DA 650H

2005 ONLY, single cyl. only, oversized tires.

The popular Arctic 650/700 H-1 is calibrated fairly well for general use with stock tires, but oversized tires have a very negative effect. Many performance enthusiasts are well aware of the fact that even slightly bigger or heavier tires can substantially hurt acceleration and speed performance. The addition of this cost effective weight roller insert kit for the primary drive clutch helps recover some of that lost power. '06 and newer models MUST use the DA 650 HC kit with completed roller assemblies, as the plastic on the factory rollers are not removable.

This kit is intended to help with re-calibration for oversized tires. If installed on a unit with stock tires, it does show some gain in acceleration but slight loss of top speed. It also aids in restoration of power lost at higher altitudes.

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Product Specifications

Product Name:

Arctic Cat 650/700 H-1 (Arctic Engine) ** DISCONTINUED **


Clutch Kits


DA 650H

For :

Arctic Cat

Suggested list price :

CAD $79.00 / USD $72.00


Jan 2008

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