Kit is designed specifically to fit the 2008-2013 750 Kawasaki Teryx RUV. This kit was developed to improve acceleration and back shift performance in a variety of conditions and also to help recover performance lost from installing large aggressive tires and mud conditions. Improved acceleration and back shifting under load. Also offers flexibility to tune your clutch to rider preference and conditions while still maintaining maximum belt grip. This kit uses Dalton's patented "Quick Adjust Cam Arms" which allow you to add or subtract mass from the main body of the flyweight without even removing the weight from the clutch. This helps make for quick and easy adjustment for tire sizes, conditions, and changes in rpm requirements from internal engine mods, etc . Although the teryx is calibrated fairly well for the totally stock machine ,there is still improvement even to a stock machine. This kit is very adaptable to mods/changes you may do the vehicle in the future, and you can adjust it to maximize the power delivery to the ground in many different changes/mods and situations. It is like having MANY clutch kits in one.

Comes with optional components and complete tuning and instruction manual to accurately set up your CVT system for stock tire, oversized tires, high elevation, or even modded engines.

Product Specifications

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Kawasaki 750 Teryx RUV (Not for Teryx 4 or 800 cc)


Clutch Kits



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CAD $409.00 / USD $369.00


Jan 2008

Additional Notes:

The Teryx RUV is calibrated very different from the factory than the 4x4 atv models. It is a much heavier vehicle than a regular atv, it is often used with two persons on board, and loaded with more weight. This even required different final drive gearing and CVT clutch tuning from the factory . Even in stock form,it uses stock flyweights with a much different profile and curve, as well as the flyweight starting position different than found on ATV models. Through field testing, we found that when using any of our typical ATV clutch products (especially flyweights) that were applicable to prairie/Brute models we could do simple timed runs, etc. using these and get decent results in simple drags ,but belt heat was higher and not acceptable. We designed new flyweight for this application that is specific to this model that has its own new curvature , position of mass, and our "quick adjust" system . These flyweights were designed to work in conjunction with the new springs that were also developed for this model.

The stock secondary spring on the 750 Teryx is different than Prairie/Brute Force models .It is a larger diameter and uses different retaining cups and different load rating dimensions. We developed a new secondary spring that is diverse enough, when used in this kit, to cover many applications. Although it is well known that oversize tires DO hurt both acceleration and speed, This kit can help bring your Teryx back to life after putting on the aggressive mud tires.


Dalton's Teryx clutch kit is available right through Kawasaki ! (KMC-USA only) Available at your favorite Kawasaki dealer with the following part numbers:

Clutch Kit - Kawasaki part number K11001-403

Overdrive Clutch Cover - Kawasaki number K11001-404

Frequently asked question:
Will this kit add top speed?

No, not alone. Clutch calibration components (flyweights,springs) control the "rate of shift of the belt" during the clutch phase. This vehicle has quite low final drive gearing,and the belt has gone all the way through it's shift phase(belt is as high as it can go in the primary/motor clutch) in a very short distance of a few hundred feet at wide open throttle. Once the belt is to the top of the primary, it is to the top. After the belt is fully shifted,the clutch components are not controlling speed or rpm.We do have a new version of our billet overdrive clutch cover that is specific to the teryx drive clutch. See part # DCC 102 below.

Frequently asked question:
Is there a different or better drive belt I should use on this model ?

Although in some instances of snowmobile racing, etc., we will recommend a different particular belt compound or brand for certain specific applications,our testing and race programs have proven very distinctly that the factory belt is superior for this application.

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