28" and larger tires
(will not fit '05-'07 model years)

DK 750 EBT Designed for the new '08 750 Brute Force with the newer wide bushing drive clutch. This kit was developed to help recover losses incurred from installing large aggressive tires and mud conditions with 28" and larger sizes. Improved belt grip, throttle response, acceleration and backshifting under load helps low end power for the big tires in mud situations.

This kit uses the same patented Quick Adjust Cam Arm set as the kit for smaller tires sizes (DK 750 E) so the kits can be interchangeable by the use of the stock or supplied secondary spring.The use of the DaltonPro Quick Adjust weights (cam arms) means you can add or subtract mass in the flyweights while they remain in the drive clutch. Base line set up instructions are included for most common applications.

These kits are NOT for use on the Teryx utility vehicle. Do not assume it is a similar application because of similar engine size. The requirements of the cvt system are very different in that application. These kits will NOT fit the 05-07 model year 750 Brute Force.

Product Specifications

Product Name:

2008-2011 Brute Force 750 EFI 4x4


Clutch Kits



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CAD $379.00 / USD $339.00


Jan 2008

Additional Notes:

New kits for 08 750 Brute Force EFI 4x4 !

The new Brute 750 has a new primary clutch with improved "wide bushing" design. The DaltonPro clutch kit for the newer model is available in two configurations based on the rider's application priority. Kits are interchangeable by adding or subtracting a spring. Both kits feature the same set of Dalton's patented Quick Adjust Cam Arms.

Ultimate Belt Grip Optional mass placement location for total grams means more accurate calibration for specific application.

Ultimate RPM Control The extreme flexibility of this kit makes it easy to adapt to different RPM requirements of big bore kits,
camshafts, altitude, etc.

Ultimate Adjustability DaltonPro Quick Adjust Cam Arm Flyweights are like having multiple sets of flyweights all in one
set! The quick adjust feature allows adding or subtracting grams in the threaded passage through the main body of the flyweight
while the weight is still in the drive clutch.

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