Yamaha Snowmobile Products

Dalton Industries manufactures a wide range of CVT clutch tuning components for snowmobiles.
Clutch kit companies, dealers who prepare clutch packages for case specific applications, and racers who tune their own clutches are our main customer base. Choose your type of item below and look carefully at specifics and model years. Click on any item for more detail.
Note: Dalton Industries does not make any snowmobile clutch tuning recommendations. If you do not have experience or time to tune your own clutches, there may be some who can help listed in the FAQ page.
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Snowmobile FAQ

Will Dalton suggest which components to use for my snowmobile application?

Answer: Sorry, we do not make "kits" or recommend set ups for snowmobiles. We manufacture individual tuning components. Racers, clutch kit companies, and people who like to tune their own sled love our wide selection. If field testing is not your thing, there are some companies listed on our FAQ page that may be able to help.

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The 2017+ Yamaha Sidewinder model comes with a roller secondary. The roller secondary clutch is different than other previous Yamaha models with button secondary, and uses a different helix. We have a wide selection of angles available for tuning....

DaltonPro Helixes for Yamaha

Extensive machining to be lightweight like the OEM castings, but with the attractive strength of solid billet aluminum.

Helixes for Yamaha use the prifix "Y" before the angle for the...

Yamaha "R" Series Helixes

The "R" (radius) series helixes for Yamaha from Dalton features a short duration initial angle, radiuses into what is mostly a straight angle helix (second angle). This style of cut is a favorite of some clutch tuning professionals and is quite...


Billet Quick Adjust Cam Arms

Dalton Quick adjust weights for Yamaha applications. This method of adjustment allows for adding or subtracting mass from the main body of the flyweight without even removing the flyweight from the clutch. Makes for Quick and easy testing and...

DaltonPro Flyweights for Yamaha
These are a more aggressive curvature flyweight than 4 stroke models from the factory. These ones have a curvature more similar to the 8DN-20 type curvature, and can be used for tuning either 2 or 4 stroke models. This more aggressive curvature is...

Primary Springs

Yamaha Primary Springs

DaltonPro springs are manufactured form high quality chrome silicon wire to exacting tolerances, stress relieved, and shot peened for long lasting durability.

Secondary Springs

Yamaha Secondary Spring

Dalton springs are well known for durability and are manufactured from high quality materials and processes. .

As always, we try to produce a range of components for snowmobile clutch tuners.

The Pink/White...


Yamaha Flyweight Rivets (pkg of 3)

These rivets are used to adjust the mass of OEM Yamaha flyweights on the DaltonPro DPYR.

DFR-Y Steel, solid. 3.1 g
Suggested list price $10.35

Quick Adjust Screw Hardware (one pkg of 6 assorted for one flyweight)

This pkg of hardware is a replacement pack. They are sold as a pack for each quick adjust individual flyweight. Fits all Dalton Snowmobile quick adjust flyweights. 1/4" UNC with pre applied nylon patch.

Primary Clutch Puller

Frequently Asked Question:

Is there a warranty on Dalton clutch pullers?


Yes, there is warranty for machining , accuracy, fit of threads, etc. for an application we state that it is for.

However, it is...