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Billet Overdrive Clutch Cover - 08' Kawasaki Teryx RUV Race applications(non engine brake*) ** DISCONTINUED **

The new Kawasaki Teryx RUV has a newer version and different drive clutch than any other or previous kawasaki atv models.Not only does this clutch require different (wider with different curvature) flyweights,but the shift dimensions...

Billet Overdrive Clutch Covers for Kawasaki

Non-Engine Brake

This clutch Cover is CNC machined from aircraft quality billet aluminum and is hard anodized for a durable surface. It offers more strength, lighter weight, and better cooling for the...

Replacement Bushing

Replacement bushing for Dalton DCC 101 overdrive clutch cover. Can also be used to replace worn bushings on the factory drive clutch cover.

FAQ :  Can the Dalton DCC-101 overdrive clutch...

ATV Helixes - Polaris

Billet aluminum stainless steel spline hub, hard anodized. You can have DaltonPro quality for your Polaris ATV.

These helixes are common on many models, but not for use on some Polaris ATV models that use the TEAM style secondary clutch....

Dalton ATV Primary Springs

Dalton springs are made from the highest quality stock, stress relieved and shot peened for long lasting durability.

Suzuki Secondary springs
Polaris ATV Secondary Springs
Yamaha ATV/RUV Secondary springs
(Grizzly,Rhino models)
Can Am Secondary springs
Kawasaki Secondary Springs
Teryx Secondary Springs
*Note different compressed load test height- Larger diameter & designed for larger, deeper spring cups on Teryx.
ATV ClutchWeights (Polaris)

DaltonPro DP90 series flyweights were designed specifically to fit the P-90 ATV type drive clutch. No washer or shims needed to maintain belt side clearance. Billet steel, heat-treated, they come complete with bushings for longer pin life....

ATV ClutchWeights (Kawasaki)

The DPK series of Dalton flyweights was designed to fit the Kawasaki ATV drive clutch. Better distribution of mass allows for excellent belt grip on the bottom end, while maintaining top rpm. Now available in more base gram increments. These...

Dalton's Patented "Quick Adjust Cam Arms"

Designed for the new 08 Brute Force 750 EFI with the new style wide pin drive clutch. Our new QACA flyweights allow you to fine tune to perfect shift rpm for your specific application . Dalton's  "Quick...

Teryx clutch kit weights


These are the quick adjust weights that come in our popular Teryx clutch kit, and are specifically designed for use with the springs, hardware and instruction manual...

ATV Clutch Flyweights (Can-Am/ BRP)

Built specifically for the Can-Am drive clutch. Each model application is considered independently during testing. We have various flyweight models for the Can-Am ATV's. Various curvatures, location of mass, and total mass make the flyweights often...

Clutch Pullers

Frequently Asked Question:

Is there a warranty on Dalton clutch pullers?


Yes, there is warranty for machining , accuracy, fit of threads, etc. for an application we state that it is for.

However, it is...

Flyweight Bushing Tool
Flyweight Bushing Tool makes installation and removal of flyweight bushings easy. (Arctic Cat, Polaris, Yamaha)
Flyweight Replacement Bushings

Replacement bushing for DP90 Polaris and Comet flyweights (set of 3)

Flyweight Rivets

These rivets are used to adjust the mass on OEM Yamaha snowmobile flyweights. They can also be used for,and are included in some of our kits for, Kawasaki and Can-Am ATV's to adjust total mass of the flyweights for applications.

Other Tools

Digital Gram Scale

Many professional tuners of snowmobile and automatic ATV’s use gram scales to achieve balanced total mass after adding or subtracting flyweight grams. This durable, portable scale is a favorite proven performer with the following...