Optional Dalton Secondary Clutch Spring- Can Am Outlander / Renegade 1000, 29.5" + Tires.

This optional secondary spring is designed for use with the Dalton clutch kits for the 1000 cc Outlander, Renegade, 2013 Commander, and Maverick Can Am models only when called for in each set up guide. It is most often used with extreme mud tires of 29.5" and larger, see each specific instructions and description.

This spring a torsion/compression spring and is specific to the models described.

FAQ : "I have a 1000 Outlander. "I'm a quite heavy trail rider and do some mud with typical aftermarket 27-28" tires, and I plow snow in winter. I like the best I can get, and more parts is usually better ...so should I add this secondary spring ?"

ANSWER : No. For the gearing associated with 29.5" and larger tires this spring is a definite plus, however, it is not always that more is better. The regular DBO 1000R clutch kit and the stock secondary spring, set up as the instructions say, is more efficient and the best for your application. There are a couple of instances, like when using extreme mud 28" tires on that model AND often carrying 2 persons, or using extreme 28's at high elevation it can help, but for most instances with 28" it is best with the stock secondary spring. Our kits and components have descriptions based on our test results.

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Dalton Black / Violet


Secondary Springs



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Jan 2012

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