Frequently Asked Questions (Snowmobiles)

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General Questions

The factories set up snowmobile to operate in a wide range of conditions and look for a good "all around" clutch set up. Back shifting, up shifting, towing different snow conditions are all factors. Many clutch tuners prefer to clutch for more "case specific" applications using various helixes, flyweights, springs, etc

No. Dalton Industries specializes in manufacturing clutch tuning components for: companies that assemble clutch kits, Performance shops, racers/tuners, that develop clutch set ups that work for their application.

We do offer complete, case specific kits for some ATV applications.

Thorough testing for the application is the method that always produces the best results, but for those not so inclined there are clutch kit companies that make pre-packaged kits that do a good part of the baseline work for you. Many of these companies are the primary customers of Dalton Industries. Sometimes it is a good idea to research dealers/performance shops that may be well known for tuning specific models.

Sorry, we will not. It is certainly not that we know what to use and don't want to tell you, it is simply not what we do here. We are a manufacturer of individual components for those who tune CVT clutches, however, we do not test calibrations for specific applications.  

Ultimately the components that are ordered from us must be your own, or your dealers/mechanic's decision.

If you are not the type that likes to do your own clutch tuning (and many are not for various reasons), the following is a list of companies that use PRIMARILY Dalton components, and offer complete clutch kits and recommended set ups:

  • Cutler Performance (Orem UT) - Arctic Cat high elevation
  • ibackshift.com / Dynamo Joe (Thunder Bay ON) - Skidoo Mountain and backcountry
  • The Crankshop (Essex Jct. VT) - Skidoo
  • Cudney Racing  (Tilbury, Ontario, Canada) - Skidoo
  • Fett Bros. Performance (Frazee, MN) - all brands
  • Turbo Dynamics (QC Canada)  Artic Cat / Yamaha Sidewinder boosted applications
  • Bender Racing Canada ( Ontario, Canada) Yamaha
  • Hi-Tech Mechanical (NS Canada) Arctic turbo models
  • Racin' Station (Driggs ID) – Arctic Cat / High elevation

Of course there are many more we can't list all. There are lots of large and small Performance/ clutch kit companies that use our products in some limited form, sometimes in conjunction with other components. If you want Dalton North American Made CVT Components, be sure to ask for them!

If you are using performance add-ons (e.g. - pipes) it is always best to check first with the manufacturer of those products for corresponding clutch recommendations.

Sorry, we cannot. One of the areas of our business is building custom helixes and components for clutch kit companies. Some of these companies use private codes on certain components. We sometimes work with them to develop the part they need, and sometimes this involves expensive trial and error and custom programming. They are happy to continue to do this with us ,as long as we keep their "private information" ...private.
Certainly, we regularly do custom requested angles. Just have your dealer place the order and it can usually be completed within 10 days. (Program charges do apply)
Some professional clutch tuners and performance shops feel that the compound type are better for backshifting (keeping rpm better when under load in off trail ) and that progressives are more upshift oriented for drag racing applications. Many, however, feel that they have proven one or the other more suitable for both and it is a debate we hear frequently. There is no direct "best", it seems there are proponents for both. The main thing is that they are, in fact, different. When using full progressive, it is not as much of a direct comparison to stock for angles.

Dalton Industries supplies dealerships and distribution companies. ANY dealership can order Dalton parts for you and have them in a couple days. If you have a great relationship with your dealer it may be the best option to order there.

For RETAIL SALES we also have a new affiliated company that sells Dalton products and more! Drivepower Inc.