Arctic Cat Snowmobile Products

Dalton Industries manufactures a wide range of CVT clutch tuning components for snowmobiles.
Clutch kit companies, dealers who prepare clutch packages for case specific applications, and racers who tune their own clutches are our main customer base. Choose your type of item below and look carefully at specifics and model years. Click on any item for more detail.
Note: Dalton Industries does not make any snowmobile clutch tuning recommendations. If you do not have experience or time to tune your own clutches, there may be some who can help listed in the FAQ page.
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Snowmobile FAQ

Will Dalton suggest which components to use for my snowmobile application?

Answer: Sorry, we do not make "kits" or recommend set ups for snowmobiles. We manufacture individual tuning components. Racers, clutch kit companies, and people who like to tune their own sled love our wide selection. If field testing is not your thing, there are some companies listed on our FAQ page that may be able to help.

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2016 Arctic Procross, direct replacement
Helixes for 2016+ Arctic Pro Cross models (also fits new 2022 version Arctic secondary)  

The 2016-21 Arctic Models have Team/Arctic clutches for both primary and secondary. These helixes also fit the 2022 Adapt secondary...

2012-2015 Procross, direct replacement.

Dalton Industries has a new construction method for this model. No porosity and extremely strong aluminum alloy. The final machined part has maximum strength and durability to handle big horsepower. These AP models are a one piece, direct bolt in...

Optional two piece* construction made to bolt into the 2012-2015 Procross applications

Optional two piece* construction made to bolt into the 2012-2015  Procross applications. Some clutch tuners like having lots of tuning options. For those that tune with multiple helixes, this may be a more cost...

E Series
You will still be able to select a “C” or “CR” type helix, however you MUST add a DHC 100 cover plate to turn the tubular (2005 ACT drive) type into a E-series (2006-2011) one piece type helix. (once you bolt...
2005 Helixes for the Arctic "ACT Drive" – (tubular type)* –non engine reverse

ACT Drive Models. 2005 direct bolt in using stock 05 adjustable cover, or 06-2011 with the use of 2005 OEM cover or a Dalton cover. If you have a 2006-2011 you need one of the covers to use this helix.

Dalton helixes with "C" designation...

PROGRESSIVE cut helixes for the 2005 ACT Drive. (tubular type)*

PROGRESSIVE cut helixes for the 2005 ACT Drive. (tubular type)*

The regular helixes for ACT Drive from the factory, as well as our “C” listing are done with a distinct step style of cut, using a short duration...

“CR” model 09-11 Arctic Cat 2 stroke models w/electronic engine reverse – (tubular type)*

These models require a notch in the ramp for when the engine turns backwards for reverse.

*These are the earlier style adjustable tubular type helix models that require a DHC-100 cover kit, or a 05'...

Pre '05 models with non-ACT secondary clutch

Dalton helixes are relieved for more overdrive, they are totally machined inside and out for perfect roundness. They have taller points so they work well in the oversized driven clutch used by many drag racers.

All Dalton helixes for this...


Dalton Flyweights for Arctic Cat 2022 Adapt primary clutch

Dalton Flyweights for Arctic Cat 2022 Adapt primary clutch

Watch "Dalton Flyweights for Arctic Cat Adapt Primary Clutch" on...
New adjustable weights for 2016 Arctic models
The Next Generation - QA2 Series   2016+ Arctic Cat Procross/Proclimb Models  

Dalton's patented "Quick Adjust" Cam Arms are now available for Arctic Procross models with Team primary clutch. These flyweights make accurate primary...

Quick Adjust Cam Arms

2004-2015 Arctic Cat fixed pin drive clutch only

Note: price is for 3 arm sets

Dalton Pro patented Quick Adjust Cam Arms allow you to adjust the weight of the main...

Pre-2004 Arctic Cat Quick Adjust

Now available for Pre-2004 models with bushing type flyweight in the following gram increments:

Dalton DPA (Bushed) Pre-’04 Arctic Cat/Comet flyweights

Get the best from your big twin! High quality billet steel, gram matched, professional heat treating and blackening process.

Simple and effective, DaltonPro clutch weights are CNC machined from high...

DALTON DPA-W (wide) series Flyweights

Fixed Pin (2004-2015) and newer Arctic). Most of the newer cat models feature the new "fixed pin" drive clutch. DaltonPro flyweights are not simply the old narrow arctic styles with a set screw added to lock the pin....

Primary Springs

2016+ Arctic Cat primary springs

Primary springs for the new 2016 Arctic Procross models are a different size than previous Arctic primary springs. These springs are a proper fit in the new Team style Arctic primary clutch.

Arctic Cat Primary Springs, Pre-2016

DaltonPro clutch springs are manufactured from high quality chrome silicon wire to exacting tolerances, stress relieved and shot peened for long lasting durability.

Secondary Springs

2016+ arctic secondary springs

Springs for the 2016 secondary are a different diameter and fit compared to previous models. Dalton's springs for this secondary have the proper tang location and fitment for this clutch.

2012-2015 (only) Procross Secondary Spring

Dalton has developed new secondary spring options for the 2012-2015 Procross series secondary clutch. Designed for long life and durability, these springs are also developed to have less coil stacking or "close to coil bind at full shift " in the...

Secondary clutch springs for Pre-2005 Arctic Driven (torsion type)

Built from Premium High Tensile chrome silicon wire and processed to our specifications, the Dalton White secondary spring is similar in load ratings to the popular Arctic "sno pro green" spring.*


Arctic Billet Helix Cover - APT series helix

This is a required component for use with the tubular, two piece APT series helixes for the 2012-2015 Procross

Flyweight bushing tool for QA3 Series Arctic weights (Adapt clutch only).
DSS (2016,2017) – Note-not for 2018 with roller bearing primary
Spider shims for the 2016,17 Arctic Procross are a different diameter and fit than earlier models. Note, these shims are not for 2018 type roller bearing clutch.   Using different thickness and diameter shim washers under the...
Arctic Spider Shim (2012-2015 Procross models)

Using different thickness and diameter shim washers under the spider is something racers sometimes use for belt grip and engagement characteristics. Please see details below.

Clutch Pullers

DaltonPro Clutch Pullers are accurately machined from super tough 17-4 series stainless steel.


Frequently Asked Question:

Is there a warranty on Dalton clutch pullers?


Yes, there is...

Quick Adjust Screw Hardware

Note: order 3 packs for a set of 3 flyweights

This pkg of hardware is a replacement pack. They are sold as a pack for each quick adjust individual flyweight. Fits all Dalton Snowmobile quick...

Arctic Billet Helix Cover

The helix on some of the ’06 and newer Arctic Cat models with the new ACT secondary is now a cast / one piece version. We still use our same billet helixes as we did on the first direct drive models. In order to use the billet helix on these...