Oversized Tires

0-4000’ elevation.


Better belt grip and improved performance. This is primarily a kit developed to help recover power losses and belt performance when using oversized tires. Larger or heavier tires hurt performance everywhere. Rotating weight and gearing created from larger diameter tires hurt acceleration and speed. This kit improves bottom end performance without further loss of top speed. Throttle response is improved and better back shifting of the belt when the vehicle senses load from soft terrain or hills. Development was focused primarily on the most popular 28-30” aftermarket tires used in this application. The kit could be used with larger to help recover losses, and would be better than stock clutching but the focus was on the most popular requested sizes of 28-30”, and those tires are more within the acceptable zone of gearing for the vehicle.

Product Specifications

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2016-2019 (only) Can-Am Defender HD10 / HD10 Max. -not for Traxter Pro model, not XMR.


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CAD $229.00 / USD $205.00


May 2021

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