The DaltonPro DPYR series uses a curvature that is slightly less aggressive than our DPY flyweights. This new curvature allows more “untucked” mass at the point of belt contact and allows for the use of more total flyweight mass than many aggressive flyweights. These four stroke oriented flyweights can offer quicker acceleration while still maintaining excellent low speed belt grip. Uses factory Yamaha mass rivets for adjustable tuning. Typical applications use 58 to 62 g base weights on RX/Apex applications, Note: These weights still use a more aggressive curvature than factory RX weights. As many tuners know, the total mass required of a flyweight is dependant on the curvature and the location of mass, and comparing grams to other weights is irrelevant sometimes.

Most items of DPYR have been discontinued production, as most now favor the "Quick Adjust" (same curvature with easy adjustability)

The DPYR58 is popular for use on some tuners for RX-1, etc and is still in limited supply.

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DPYR Series





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CAD $179.00 / USD $159.00


Jan 2008

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