2013 570 EPS LE version with EBS

This kit includes optional primary springs, a set of model specific adjustable flyweights, and is calibrated for use with the stock secondary spring in most model applications.

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2013-2016 Polaris RZR 570 Models


Clutch Kits



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CAD $325.00 / USD $289.00


Jan 2012

Note: Starting in 2017 the RZR 570 EBS had transitioned to the BOSS type secondary that uses the smaller diameter secondary springs. It seems that some model year applications/build dates may be during change over and the clutch should be looked at visually to confirm. We have not tested the newer EBS version here to confirm, however the regular DUV P570 would physically fit in he clutches. At this time we have not done so to know, nor do we have any test results. If wee do test this application we will immediately update this note.

Additional Notes:

The Polaris 570 RZR models have different clutches for model year applications.

The standard 2013 570 is different from the 2012 model, and comes with what Polaris refers to as a BOSS (Built On Secondary Shaft) secondary clutch. The 570 EPS LE version comes with a different secondary clutch, and a different primary as well for EBS (engine braking) function.

We offer 2 different kits for 2013 RZR 570 models.

Proper clutch calibration has proven very effective at offering both better belt grip in the low ratio part of the shift pattern (where it is most important), and overall flexibility to adjust to your favorite tire sizes, terrain conditions, or even for a trip to the mountains at high elevation where there is less hp available.

Dalton designs and builds flyweights specific for each application. This kit uses a new case specific "Quick Adjust" flyweight profile which allows easy adjustments to the flyweights without even having to remove the flyweights from the clutch when adjusting for tire sizes or conditions.

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