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These are the quick adjust weights that come in our popular Teryx clutch kit, and are specifically designed for use with the springs, hardware and instruction manual provided in the DUV K750-TX clutch kit. The curvature, starting position,and location of mass on these weights is specific to the teryx model and offer great belt grip and flexibility.


A new optional lighter base weight for high rpm racing Teryx applications.

For most Teryx applications, including some common big bore kits the weights that come in our teryx clutch kit are the best choice and offer plenty of flexibility. However, on some modified race engines that use very long duration race camshafts, and /or modified clutch sheave angles combined with race engines (like the CORR, Lucas series etc) that produce their hp peak at much higher rpms, these 1UR weights offer more flexible tuning. With Dalton's Patented "Quick Adjust" system you can add or subtract grams without even removing the flyweights from the drive clutch.

The DPKA-1UR Quick Adjust set is adjustable from 69.8-77g.

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Teryx clutch kit weights





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CAD $319.00 / USD $279.00


Jan 2010

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