DUV P10XP-24

DUV P10XP-24

Adjustable clutch kit for the 2024 RZR XP

The 2024 RZR XP is well calibrated from factory for stock 29 and 30” tires when used for trail applications at 0-3000’ elevations. If the vehicle is used in standard trail /low elevation no clutch kit is required. This kit is designed for oversized tires.

There are, However, settings included to 29-30” tires for heavy sand or mud applications, as well it can help recover RPM lost at some mid-elevations (3-5000) with stock tires. Some people also go from stock size to oversized seasonally, and the kit has setting to go back to stock tire size.

This kit is designed to correct the rate of shift to improve belt grip and performance when oversized tires 31-33” are used on the 2024 RZR XP, the kit is adjustable and has settings included to tell you how to set up for different tires and situations. Having some adjustability makes it possible to have one kit for different applications.

This kit includes Dalton’s “Quick Adjust” flyweight system that allows you to easily add or subtract weight from the flyweights.

Product Specifications

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2024 Polaris RZR XP 1000 models – Oversized tires (31-33”), 0-4000’ elevation. Adjustable kit.


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DUV P10XP-24

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CAD $519.00 / USD $459.00


Sep 2023

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