DBO 700R

DBO 700R

The stock clutching on this vehicle tested fine for all stock to 27” tires. Stock clutching is even sufficient for many of the aftermarket 28” tires, and many are one inch smaller and measure less than nominal.  (eg. Zilla, Mudlite AT, Mudlite 2, or similar).


This kit was designed for 29-30” aftermarket Trail and Mixed use tires. Can also be used with some of the heavier more aggressive *28” tires.

*Note: Using heavier springs when not necessary can increase cruise RPM and lose top speed.


The kit offers improved belt grip, as well as superior performance and “back shifting of the belt when the vehicle senses load” when the described tires are used. Better response in those tough conditions and best suited to hard use and large tires.

Larger tires hurt performance and speed. Proper clutch calibration with this kit can help recover performance losses from those tires and improve bottom end performance.

The kit includes a new spring for the secondary, as well as a new spring for the primary clutch.


Some owners of this vehicle claim it has “abrupt” engagement of the belt even in Stock form, and would like a lower RPM (sooner) engagement of the belt. We include a different primary spring and set up guide for that preference. This seemed popular with some test riders and creates a slightly smoother (sooner) engagement of the belt. When set up like this, on initial take off, the kit engages approx. 150 RPM sooner than stock for a smoother more positive engagement, while still offering improved performance after installing larger tires.

- There is also included, a optional higher engagement “spring spacer” for the primary clutch. This is a optional part that sometimes used by more aggressive riders who like a slightly higher RPM before engagement. It is included in the kit and it all works together when done according to the instructions and set up guide. There is some “personal preference” involved, and it is nice to have options all in one kit.


A simple and cost effective kit. Changing flyweights was not necessary for most trail applications of these tire sizes.


** The Pro models have work oriented engine tuning and come with different factory flyweight levers in the primary clutch, which has effect on a kit like this that is tuned around factory stock flyweights in the clutches in the rest of the 700 Outlander line.

Product Specifications

Product Name:

2023-24 Can Am Outlander, Outlander DPS, XT, Max XT, and XMR, 700 models (not Pro models**) 0-4000' elevation 29-30” Trail and Mixed use tires (and some *heavy 28”)


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DBO 700R

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CAD $116.00 / USD $99.00


Jun 2024

Additional Notes:

FAQ: Does adding this kit lose top speed?
Answer: Improved bottom end performance when done with just springs like this can be done without losing speed when used as specified. 
However, there could be some slight losses in top speed, particularly if using this kit with smaller/lighter tires than specified.
Larger tires themselves do most often lose speed from the rotating weight. Proper clutch calibration gets a lot of that lost performance back.
Also, it is important to remember that the speedometer calibration is wrong when larger tires are added.

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