DBO 800

DBO 800
Adjustable kit for Stock to 28" trail mix tire applications.

Improved bottom to mid range acceleration without sacrificing top speed. A new flyweight with a new curvature was designed specifically for this 800cc Outlander model. These new flyweights can be set up for different applications. You can set up this system for: improved acceleration with stock tires re-calibration to help recover losses from oversized tires, or to help control up shift at higher elevations. Baseline set up guide included for most common applications.

Frequently asked question: Is there a different or better drive belt I should use on this model ?

Answer: Although in some instances of snowmobile racing, etc., we will recommend a different particular belt compound or brand for certain specific applications,our testing and race programs have proven very distinctly that the factory belt is superior for this application.

Product Specifications

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Can-Am 800HO, 800R Outlander 4x4 2006-2015


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DBO 800

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CAD $269.00 / USD $242.00


Jan 2008

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