DBO 800M

DBO 800M

2006-2015 800 Outlander / Renegade 4 X 4 - For 28" and larger competition mud tires ( adjustable kit.), also Outlander XMR version.

This kit is more focused on larger, extreme mud tires and heavy mud use. Includes our most popular primary spring and the yellow/black secondary, along with mass adjustment rivets and detailed instructions for flyweight set up for various mud tires and applications.

Use this kit for 800 XMR model!

For more detail on XMR click here.

Click Here for Installation Instructions!

This kit is only recommended for the described application. If you run lesser tires for trail use you will have much better CVT efficiency with the regular kits listed.

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DaltonPro Mudrunner Kit


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DBO 800M

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CAD $309.00 / USD $279.00


Jan 2009

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