Optional primary spring for DBO 650, DBO 800 & DBO 800R clutch kits

Our popular kits for Can- Am 650 and 800 models come with the Green/Yellow primary spring for maximum acceleration and backshifting. Tan primary spring still has the load rating required to work with the supplied adjustable flyweights in the kit, but has a lower engagement rpm. TAN has only slightly higher engagement than stock on the 650/800 models.

Product Specifications

Product Name:

Can Am Outlander / Renegade models


Primary Springs



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Suggested list price :

CAD $33.00 / USD $30.00


Jan 2008

Additional Notes:

Can-Am  Primary Springs   @2.5"     @1.25"
Dalton Black/Yellow DPPS-B/Y 45 lbs.   120 lbs.
Dalton Yellow/Blue DPPS-Y/BL 45  lbs.   154 lbs.
Dalton Tan DPPS-TN 55 lbs.   155 lbs.
Dalton Green/Yellow DPPS-G/Y 67 lbs.   160 lbs.
Dalton Green/Black/Silver DPPS-G/B/S 75 lbs.   169 lbs.
Dalton Yellow/Red DPPS-Y/R 85 lbs.   165 lbs.
Can Am 1000 (atv) Stock 70 lbs   120 lbs
Can Am 1000 (Mav/Comm) Stock 75 lbs   137 lbs

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