Now available for Pre-2004 models with bushing type flyweight in the following gram increments:

Product Specifications

Product Name:

Pre-2004 Arctic Cat Quick Adjust





For :

Arctic Cat

Suggested list price :

CAD $259.00 / USD $229.00


Aug 2015

Additional Notes:

QAA-1   57.5-65g
QAA-2    61.5-69
QAA-3    65.5-73
QAA-4    69.5-77
20240527_103215_s Now available : Notched Quick Adjust for the older versions for bushing type flyweight clutches. Pre-2004 type.
These weights have a slight engagement notch that will raise engagement rpm. The engagement rpm will rise different amounts for different springs and spider set ups, etc. If you would like to experiment on your own (we do not make any suggestions) to raise engagement for racing, this could be for you.
Limited availability and we only have available what we list.  Comes with quick adjust sets screws and T-Handle. This is not a high production part and sometimes there is low inventory or a wait time. Check availability before ordering.
QAA-1N  (57-64.5g)
QAA-2N   (61-68.5g)
QAA-3N   (65-72.5g)

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