DBC 800-13 / DBC 800-13M

DBC 800-13 / DBC 800-13M
Clutch kits available for stock or oversized tires. These kits are for 2013+ year models that have the newer torsion style secondary only. We have sport oriented kits that improve low end performance. Improved response and back shifting in soft terrain, as well as adjustability to tune for your application and adjust for later changes.
Sometimes people change tire size or situation. These two available kits are compatible, and have instruction manuals that include the details needed to change from one kit to the other if optional parts are required, etc. There was a new flyweight set designed for this application, however it is the same for both kits.
DBC 800-13
This kit is for all 26-27” tires (including stock) and uses the stock secondary spring. Details for set up are in the instructions for different tire versions and situations. The stock secondary spring is the best for this application.
DBC 800-13M
This kit is for 28” and larger tires, primary sand dune applications( any tires), and also includes a different secondary spring. The set up guide in this kit also shows the setting for 27” and smaller if you go back to stock tires.


Question: I’m a heavy rider, do some mud, and not sure which kit to go with ?
Answer: Go by tire size and use the guide above. Sometimes more parts are not always better, and can be a negative if not required.

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2013-2021 (not older models) 800 Commander clutch kits


Clutch Kits


DBC 800-13 / DBC 800-13M

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CAD $269.00 to CAD $309.00 / USD $242.00 to USD $279.00


Jun 2016


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