DBO 1000M-16

DBO 1000M-16
Extra large tires -29.5” and larger on Standard Outlander or Renegade (not XMR*)
This clutch kit was developed to work with the 2016-2024 1000R models listed.  The kit is designed to help recover losses from extra large tires and mud applications. The 2016-2024 is a 1000R model that sees new HP and different factory clutch components. A new flyweight profile is a different profile than previous year models. There are also new primary and secondary springs. The kit is designed to work together and the instructions show how to set the flyweights up for different applications.
**The 2016 and newer Outlander/Renegade XMR 1000 versions have lower gearing. Gearing and “rate of shift of the belt” are related. For the 2016+ XMR 1000 versions see kit # DBO 1000 X

Product Specifications

Product Name:

2016-24 Can Am Outlander 1000R, Outlander 1000R Max, Renegade X XC 1000R models (Not XMR model*)


Clutch Kits


DBO 1000M-16

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CAD $305.00 / USD $275.00


Aug 2016

Additional Notes:

For all 28” and smaller tires order the kit part  DBO 1000R-16, as the secondary is not required (nor advised)There are notes included in the instructions for this kit that show you how to set the kit up for the smaller tire sizes with the stock secondary spring.
Frequently asked question: I have tires that are smaller than specified but they are heavy. I used a different secondary spring before on another model, and I want the best possible. Should I get this kit that has the secondary spring?
Answer: We have listed the options available for the model based on our testing. If you use the Black/Violet secondary spring on this model when not required it can cause losses in speed, poor fuel economy and negative side effects.

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