DBO 450

DBO 450
The 450 Outlander has fairly good factory clutching for the stock tires at low elevation. This clutch kit was developed to help recover losses incurred from installing oversized tires.
This clutch re-calibration is a good improvement in acceleration compared to stock clutch components after installing those larger tires.
Back shifting is improved, which means it back shifts the belt to the proper ratio on the clutches as the vehicle senses load conditions. Better belt grip and improved throttle response. This can can also be used to help with power loss at higher elevations, even with stock tires.
Sometimes more parts is not better. The 450 comes with flyweights that are well suited to its application and re-calibrations are accomplished with only the use of new springs. New springs are included for both the primary and secondary clutch.
Note: Not for stock tires at low elevation (0-4000”). The kit is for oversized tires and will not help performance of stock tires, but rather could have negative effects on speed and fuel economy.

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2016-2023 Can Am Outlander/Outlander Max 450 4X4 ATV – Oversized tires


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DBO 450

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CAD $69.00 / USD $63.00


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Additional Notes:

Question:  What about the Outlander 450 6X6 ?

Answer: We have never tested the application. We simply never recommend what we have not tested, and do not have a vehicle here for that testing. However, we have had some that have, on their own initiative, tried this standard kit to see if it would help, and claimed that it did. This is feedback from one. We do NOT normally have anything to do with anyone testing our products...we must do it here and prove all variables, and terrains, etc.  This is just that, feedback, not a recommendation. It may be something that someone in the same situation may want to hear, so they can decide to experiment on their own. This is a very inexpensive kit and seemed to help him similar to the standard 450 so we allowed it to happen for benefit of those who may be interested. We have not tested this application here, if we ever do it will be updated here of course. 

Good Afternoon- I contacted you recently about a clutch kit for the Can Am 450 6x6. After a short conversation you covered the shipping on your standard outlander 450 kit if I would provide feedback of my experience. Let me start by saying I went online to the can-am parts diagrams and the 450 6X6 uses the same clutching components as the standard 450L. I felt that was promising. My outlander 450 6x6 has 27" ITP Black Water tires on the stock rims. These are considerable heavier than stock. Prior to installing your clutch kit, and the reason for my initial inquiry, High range was almost useless on anything but the flattest terrain and there was a great deal of slip at slow speed even in low range. If I am being completely honest I was sick to my stomach and feared I had made a big mistake in choosing this specific wheeler. After the installation of the kit high range can be used regularly and as far as I can tell all the the slip I had been experiencing at engagement/low speeds in low range has been eliminated. The bike is ridable and performs as one would expect. I look forward to putting more miles on the bike in the upcoming months and my use will be primarily wood gathering and hunting. Simply stated, low speed work often with a loaded trailer in wooded/uneven terrain. Perfect conditions to induce belt slip. I will send another update as I accumulate hours on the bike but I can stay concretely at this point that I am no longer regretting my decision to purchase this bike or install the larger tires. It is likely helpful to share that I am writing this email from Alaska. I am 6'1" and weigh in right at 280lbs. I have built an aluminum dog box for the back of my outlander which weighs right at 50lbs and my 110lbs dog goes everywhere with me on this wheeler all the time. That's 440lbs before riding gear and all the other stuff we typically throw on the wheeler (chainsaw, recovery straps, shackles, rifle, etc.). My point in sharing that is to make it clear the bike is loaded and this is not some perfect scenario of light bike, light rider, no gear. Its heavy and our terrain is not exactly flat. If you have any specific questions I would be happy to share any information I have. I appreciate you customer service and honesty as we discussed the reality that you had personally not tested the kit parts on this bike. The purchase was worth every penny and I am happy with the results. Brian

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