Dalton springs are well known for durability and are manufactured from high quality materials and processes. .

As always, we try to produce a range of components for snowmobile clutch tuners.

The Pink/White (DPSS-YPW) is a variant of the Red that has less initial compression than the Red YMR spring, but still more compression and less torsion than the factory Yamaha pink spring.

The Black/Orange (DPSS-YBO) is a spring that was based on the characteristics requested by owners and tuners of the Sidewinder turbo model. Spring 2017 initial tests on the prototype springs showed that when installed it ran similar RPM to the stock secondary spring, but that the more initial side pressure showed some desired characteristics of quicker RPM and better belt grip on initial take off.

All of the following Dalton spring options will shift fully with no coil binding in a stock secondary.

A secondary clutch spring is only one tuning component and is always relevant to the rest of the whole set up which includes the different helix options, primary components, track type, HP level, gearing, etc.

Thorough testing will always get you the most performance for your own application, but we know that is not always easy for everyone. It is best if comparing notes with others to ensure that you have as much info as possible to compare.

Most who are familiar with our company know that we do not make “kits” or clutch tuning recommendations for snowmobiles. We supply individual tuning components to those companies that do, and for those who really do it themselves.

The following chart gives some additional information:

Product Specifications

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Yamaha Secondary Spring


Secondary Springs



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CAD $33.00 / USD $30.00


Sep 2017

Additional Notes:

(For Reference and comparison Only!)
 Torsion Value*        Compression Loads***      
  to 70 degrees** number coils Wire dia. Free Length @64mm @49mm @39mm YAMAHA Part#
(not for order)
Yamaha Silver (Vmax 4, etc) 8 kg 4.86 5.5 mm 75 mm 12 kg 27 kg 38.5 kg 90508-556A7
Yamaha Pink (RX/Apex) 10 kg 5.53 6 mm 75 mm 10 kg 23 kg 40 kg 90508-60012
Yamaha White (long track/Mtn versions) 12 kg 5.2 6 mm 75 mm 10.5kg 25 kg 41 kg 90508-60007
Yamaha Yellow (Sidewinder) 11 kg 5.53 6 mm 80 mm 17 kg 32.5kg 54 kg 90508-60020
DALTON PARTS               Dalton Part #
Dalton Pink/White 8.5 kg 4.86 5.7 mm 85 mm 19 kg 29.5 kg 45 kg DPSS-YPW
Dalton Black/Orange(original++) 8.5 kg 4.86 5.7 mm 100 mm 31 kg 43 kg 52 kg DPSS-YBO

++ Dalton Black/Orange (updated version-spring 2018) . The latest version of the DPSS-YBO has only one orange mark on one coil and is set at ten degrees more to equal the same thing as the original. For example, most seem to use the original set at 6-1 or 70 degrees. For the new version you would set the spring at 6-2 or 80 degrees to be the same torsion. The instruction paper that comes with the spring states this as well.

New! Some Sidewinder customers have requested a heavier spring for testing certain applications of very tall gearing or higher load conditions. We have a new option for those interested.

  Torsion Value*              
    number coils Wire dia. Free Length @64mm @49mm @39mm Part#
Dalton Black/Tan 10kg to 50 degrees,
to 60 degrees,
12kg to 70 degrees
5.2 6mm  90mm   29kg     44kg  57kg@  DPSS-YBT

Note: spring free length does not include the tang.

* Torsion Value -Torsion was tested when compressed to 64 mm height, and with a 125 mm length arm for rotation pressure.
There are many variables in this type of test to keep consistent values. Factors like friction in the test apparatus, location of the pressure reading devices, etc.

** Arm rotation to 70 degrees, which is approximate to where it sits in the clutch when the spring is set on 6-1 tang settings. This test does not exactly represent a clutch setting or anything other than a way to directly compare springs in a consistent method.

*** Compression loads - Loads tested at three test height intervals for comparison of how the spring acts as compressed. The 64 mm represents the approximate height of the spring installed in the stock sidewinder clutch with stock helix at rest ( actual 64.7), and 39 mm represents the total depth of the spring pocket when fully shifted to the stop with no spring (actual 38.5 mm).

Please note: The above chart was created in house to make a simple comparison of Dalton springs to some of the known Yamaha springs that clutch tuners are familiar with. We have found that some factory spring charts are confusing, and sometimes inaccurate. This chart does not relate to any chart from Yamaha or any other aftermarket supplier. At the time of this writing, we find there is a lack of information in the market for aftermarket Yamaha secondary springs. The descriptions are sometimes vague. We are simply providing more information that we hope some clutch tuners may find useful.

FAQ: When comparing secondary torsion springs, which is more important ?  Is it compression or torsion, or both?
Answer- Both. It is two different things and both should always be considered. It is part of successful clutch tuning to prove your own efficiency with many combinations.
FAQ: I have some other springs I may use in testing. How can I compare other springs to this chart?
Answer- There are lots of other options out there that may be tried. There are lots of variables like number of coils, free length, wire diameter, etc. Field testing and tuning will be your way to show what works best for your own situation.

There are, however, some things that are easy to compare and get a general reference. For instance, if a torsion secondary spring is the same diameter (vehicle application), has exactly the same number of coils, and is exactly the same wire diameter,  it should and will have a very similar “torsion” value. It may have different characteristics because of different free length (compression value) and thus have effect on rate of shift, but the torsion force should be similar. You can see examples of this in the chart.

We set up and created this test to show comparison of our Dalton springs to some factory Yamaha options.

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