- Oversized tires
- Also can be used with stock tire size for sand and higher load situations.
- Turbo R only, not for X3 900 non-turbo or lower HP versions of X3
Improved performance for over sized tires and terrain conditions. Adjustability to calibrate for different tires and situations.
The Can Am X3 Turbo R is calibrated fairly well for stock tires with typical trail riding conditions.
This kit is primarily developed to correct the “rate of shift” of the belt and help recover power lost from adding oversized tires or riding in soft terrain. Proper clutch calibration from this kit makes for better back shifting of the belt when the vehicle senses load, and improves belt grip and performance in those situations.
There are new springs included for both the primary and secondary clutches, as well as a complete set of new adjustable flyweights and adjustment hardware. We find sometimes on this higher HP vehicle the stock flyweights are getting sticky and not moving freely because of the bushing design. The new flyweights in this kit come with a improved flyweight bushing/thrust washer design that offers better durability and more fluid pivoting action.
The instructions include a “flyweight set up guide” that explains how to set the flyweights for different tires and situations. This adjustability means that if you switch to a different tire size or application in future the kit can be adjusted to suit.
Belts are expensive for this model and proper clutch calibration can help a lot with belt life. Sometimes different belts can change RPM and have different characteristics. Factory belts have proven superior on this model and this kit is calibrated in the instructions to that factory stock belt.

Product Specifications

Product Name:

2017-21 Can Am Maverick X3 Turbo “R”, and “RR” models only (172-195 HP versions). Not for 22 models.


Clutch Kits



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Suggested list price :

CAD $699.00 / USD $629.00


Oct 2018

Additional Notes:

  • Requires some special factory BRP tools* and dealer installation.
  • The stock factory belt is the best for this application and the tuning/set up instructions are in accordance with that belt.( some aftermarket belts turn different rpm, etc) 

Example of special tool shown: BRP "Governor Cup Puller" (below)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  Is this kit also for the 4 seat Max version?
Answer: We have not tested this kit in a Max version of the vehicle. Sometimes 4 seat versions have different requirements for the kit itself or the settings of the kit due to different body weight, gearing or stock factory clutch calibration parts.
In this case, since the stock clutch calibrations on a Max are the same as the two seat models from the factory, we expect this kit to still be a good improvement compared to stock clutching for the applications listed. This is, however, speculation.
Question:  So do you “recommend” this kit for a 4 seat Max?
Answer:  We can only “recommend” what we know from testing. As mentioned, we have not tested the Max version. Since we have not tested it, we cannot give specific set ups or make recommendations specific to a Max. We have given all we know in the question above and if we have further results it will be posted here at that time. If you decide to test the kit on a Max, it would be on your own decision. We cannot offer more than that at this time.
Question: What if I have had an aftermarket company modify the ECU programming, and may or may not have modified exhaust and have a higher level of boost or horsepower?
Answer: We have not tested the different levels of aftermarket tuning and power modifications for this application. All testing and development of this kit was done on a stock vehicle in different situations and tire sizes. Sometimes different HP levels require a different “rate of shift” of the belt, and adjustments made to clutching. The kit is, however easily adjusted and has adjustable flyweights. In many turbo vehicles, it seems that when higher boost programs are added the flyweights sometimes need to be adjusted slightly heavier. Individual applications will vary. Professional racers with modified Horsepower may require testing and adjustment.


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