DPT 903

DPT 903

Fully adjustable weight kit for the 600R/850 pDrive primary clutch (clicker type)

43.8-52.2g The 903 Pro Tuner kit is a lighter base weight (43.8g) for those requiring this gram range. We have had requests for a lighter gram base weight, mostly for 600 applications. This one could be used on 600R or some 850 applications that may not require as much weight as the 902 kit. (Note: Most 129-137 850cc applications end up using 51-54 grams with this flyweight design, making the 902 kit more often suitable for most, especially if using stronger springs in either clutch). The design of the 902/903 base weights often allow the use of slightly more grams than stock.

Different models with different gearing, or changes in clutch springs and helixes used can all contribute to the required “total grams” or location of weight needed for a proper clutch set up. Most 2019 low elevation 129-137” 600R models have approximately 45 gram stock weights. This set of weights is designed for use with the stock clicker assembly and starts at 43.8g when empty.The stock pivot bolt can be used or there are other optional ones from BRP and in the aftermarket available to allow for even more tuning flexibility. The flyweight top profile is similar to the stock BRP 417224450 (995) ramp curve on 600R models, and similar to the 968 on 850. There are two threaded holes available to allow the addition of mass to the inbound or tip position. There are many combinations of added fasteners that will allow fine adjustments of “total grams”, as well as the different “placement locations”. Many combinations of less than one gram increments can be done in different configurations of weight placement.

As the name suggests, this Pro Tuner Kit was designed to help satisfy requests from clutch kit companies, pro racers, and performance shops who want to tune their own clutching to suit their own needs and/or performance levels.

FAQ: Does Dalton offer a “set up guide” to specific models/applications?

Answer:No. We do not. This kit is, as the name suggests, a Pro Tuner Kit as described above in bold.

Things like gearing, clicker position, different helixes, springs, pivot bolts and other components all work together as part of the recipe. Not to mention engine /pipe mods, traction, or tracks and terrain applications.

You may have received this kit as part of a package from, or on the recommended weight grams from a shop or provider of performance mods. They may have settings for you if they have experience with your specific application.

This kit is very clearly a “TUNER” kit for experienced clutch tuning professionals with proper tools, tuning knowledge, and assembly specifications for the pDrive clutch.

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903 Pro Tuner kit – Fully adjustable weight kit for the 600R/850 pDrive primary clutch (clicker type)




DPT 903

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Nov 2019

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