Helixes for 2021 and newer Polaris “large roller” Team secondary.

For the 2021 model year Polaris models have gone to a new “large roller” secondary.

The helixes we have for this secondary are designated “TP21” and these helixes are only for this clutch version. The helixes from previous model years can not be used in this secondary with its larger diameter rollers.

It is important to realize what the helix numbers designate. We offer both "compound" and "progressive" style.

All of the TP21 models we cut are for Electronic Reverse 2 stroke engine models, and have the reverse notch (we do not build without the notch).

Product Specifications

Product Name:

2021+ Polaris “large roller” version TSS-04 Team helixes (not for use on models prior to 2021)





For :


Suggested list price :

CAD $149.00 / USD $132.00


Dec 2020

Available Angles

  • TP21 54/38.36 ER
  • TP21 64/38.40 ER
  • TP21 40 ER
  • TP21 50/40.36 ER
  • TP21 52/40.36 ER
  • TP21 64/40.40 ER
  • TP21 42 ER
  • TP21 46/42.40 ER
  • TP21 50/42.40 ER
  • TP21 52/42.40 ER
  • TP21 54/42.36 ER
  • TP21 54/42.40 ER
  • TP21 66/42.40 ER
  • TP21 56/42.36 ER
  • TP21 58/42.36 ER
  • TP21 60/42.36 ER
  • TP21 62/42.36 ER
  • TP21 62/42.40 ER
  • TP21 64/42.36 ER
  • TP21 64/42.46 ER
  • TP21 44 ER
  • TP21 54/44.36 ER
  • TP21 46/44.40 ER
  • TP21 50/44.40 ER
  • TP21 56/44.36 ER
  • TP21 58/44.36 ER *
  • TP21 58/44.40 ER
  • TP21 58/44.46 ER
  • TP21 59/44.40 ER
  • TP21 60/44.36 ER
  • TP21 60/44.46 ER
  • TP21 62/44.36 ER
  • TP21 62/44.40 ER
  • TP21 64/44.36 ER
  • TP21 66/44.36 ER
  • TP21 58/46.40 ER
  • TP21 56/46.46 ER
  • TP21 60/46.36 ER
  • TP21 40/36 PER
  • TP21 42/38 PER
  • TP21 44/40 PER
  • TP21 46/42 PER
  • TP21 48/38 PER
  • TP21 48/40 PER
  • TP21 48/42 PER
  • TP21 48/44 PER
  • TP21 49/44 PER
  • TP21 50/40 PER
  • TP21 50/42 PER
  • TP21 50/43 PER
  • TP21 50/44 PER
  • TP21 50/46 PER
  • TP21 51/43 PER
  • TP21 52/42 PER
  • TP21 52/44 PER
  • TP21 52/46 PER
  • TP21 53/41 PER
  • TP21 53/43 PER
  • TP21 54/40 PER
  • TP21 54/42 PER
  • TP21 54/44 PER
  • TP21 54/46 PER
  • TP21 55/40 PER
  • TP21 55/41 PER
  • TP21 56/42 PER
  • TP21 56/44 PER
These partial progressive cuts are similar to stock type compound angles, but have a progressive curve portion for the last main part of the ramp. The first angle is of a short duration (.36 etc), blended into the longer main part which is a progressive curve made from the other two angles listed. EG: 59/46-44.40 - The 59 degree is for a duration listed by the last number like all other types in this series(.400”), the remainder and main part of the ramp is a progressive 46-44.
  • TP21 56/46-40.36 ER
  • TP21 56/46-42.46 ER
  • TP21 57/45-42.36 ER
  • TP21 58/44-40.36 ER
  • TP21 58/48-41.40 ER
  • TP21 58/48-44.36 ER
  • TP21 58/48-44.40 ER
  • TP21 58/48-46.36 ER
  • TP21 59/46-44.40 ER
  • TP21 59/47-44.40 ER
  • TP21 60/47-44.36 ER
  • TP21 60/46-42.36 ER
  • TP21 60/48-40.36 ER
  • TP21 60/46-44.40 ER
  • TP21 61/46-44.36 ER
  • TP21 62/46-44.36 ER
  • TP21 62/54-44.46 ER
  • TP21 64/48-42.36 ER
  • TP21 66/46-42.36 ER
  • TP21 66/48-46.36 ER
  • TP21 66/54-44.46 ER

* (stock on some 2021 Matrix models)

Notes: Please choose from the available angle chart above. When you order any“available angle” helix from one of our charts here, it is most often cut and shipped in the next 1-2 days. Most often next day.

Custom angles: We often can do angles not listed on the charts but there will be extra programming fees applied, and will usually require 3-5 business days added to the order. Always contact for availability. Custom angles must be on the formats we use here in the charts (ie; Polaris standard compound type, full progressive,or our partial progressive format. see charts).

Additional Notes:

TP21* = Team Polaris large roller 2021+

ER* = Electronic engine reverse model (two stroke)

P = Progressive type cut


*We work with many brands and styles of helix cut. Please be sure to use complete part numbers when you contact us !


“Compound” Example: TP21 62-42.36 ER


Example:  helix number TP21 62-42.36  ER. This is a Team/Polaris COMPOUND style. The helix is a 62-42, and the .36 does not designate any angle. The .36 (add a zero) designates .360" duration used in the first part of the helix ramp. It is important to realize that this 2 angle helix is mostly a straight 42 helix. The second number is dominant. The first part of the helix is a 62 blended into 42, and is only used for a short duration.

If you are not familiar with these types of compound designs, be careful when choosing. If you compare these numbers to some other brands, or progressives, it could be very misleading. For instance, adding a couple degrees to what is a very short first part of the helix may have less effect than you think, because it is such a short part of the ramp. Also, adding "duration" to that first part may have more effect than you expect. The last number in the part number designates duration of the first part of the ramp. The second number listed is the dominant angle of the helix and uses the last and longest portion of the ramp.

Progressive type example: TP21 52/44 P ER

PROGRESSIVE angles selections are a progressive curve with no straight angle. They start at one angle and progress to the final angle at the end.


Frequently Asked Question:  What helix or combination should I use?

Answer:  Dalton Industries is a supplier of individual components for those who tune their own clutches, as well as performance shops and clutch kit companies. We build a wide selection of high quality parts for testing and tuning, based on demand from those mentioned. We do not, and have never made any clutch tuning "kits", packages, or recommendations for complete clutch set up of individual snowmobile applications.

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