DB HD10-20

DB HD10-20

2020-24 Can Am Defender HD10/HD10 Max (not XMR*) Not for HD9 models

Oversized Tires, adjustable kit. 0-3000’ Elevation**. Note- also used even with stock 27” tires on “Limited” model, as it has a much heavier full cab, and the drag from A/C pump, etc. is significant.

Better belt grip and improved performance for oversized tires. This kit is primarily developed to help recover power losses from adding oversized tires to the Defender HD!0. Provides a significant improvement in performance and belt efficiency for the applications listed.

Most stock models with 27” stock tires do not necessarily need a clutch kit, however, larger or heavier tires can be a serious drag on performance. Rotating weight and added gearing from larger tires hurt acceleration and top speed. This kit improves bottom end performance and improves belt grip without any further loss of top speed from the larger tires. Throttle response is improved and better back shifting of the belt when the vehicle senses load from soft terrain or hills.

The custom, adjustable flyweight lever arms were developed specifically for this application and work in conjunction with the rest of the components in this kit. They have a slightly different curvature and location of mass to allow the arm to squeeze the belt harder on initial acceleration. A better clutch calibration for controlling “rate of shift of the belt” with larger tires tire. Includes a custom ground billet helix ramp that controls the shift specifically for this application. The kit can easily be set up for efficiency with different sized tires/applications. Helps restore RPM to the proper zone. Designed around the use of the most popular 28-32” tires. Tires larger than 32 should be looking at gear reduction for better efficiency. The instruction manual tells you exactly how to set up for different tire sizes and situations.


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2020-24 Can Am Defender HD10/HD10 Max (not XMR*) Not for HD9 models


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DB HD10-20

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CAD $525.00 / USD $469.00


Aug 2022

Additional Notes:

* Defender HD10 XMR – The XMR version has not been tested here at this time. Sometimes the lower gearing of mud specific models requires different components to optimize the shifting in different situations. This kit is adjustable and could possibly be useable for XMR versions with larger than stock XMR tire sizes, however, we do not make any recommendations ( and will not) on applications that have not been thoroughly tested here using our own methods and trails. We just have not done it at this point. Testing can be very time consuming and model specific. There may be more info on this model in future, and if so it would be posted here immediately.

** Defender HD10 higher elevations – We have not worked on  or developed a specific kit for higher elevations than listed at this time, We have done some others. As a general rule (not specific to this application) as you go up in elevation you need to use less flyweight as there is less available HP because of less Oxygen. Typically at 4000-5000 you need to be a few grams less in flyweight mass. Higher than that most often requires more other specific parts changes as well. The flyweights in this kit can easily have 4-5  grams removed if you want to experiment on your own for slightly higher elevations. There could be more updates or listings here for higher elevations in future and if so would be posted here immediately. AT this time we will not suggestions for applications other than listed in the bold title for the kit.

-Not for HD9 models. The HD9 models have different clutches and different HP.


Seasonal use of Stock tires and winter Track systems – For most applications the stock clutching is ok for this vehicle with stock tires. This kit is designed for use as a re-calibration for oversized tires. Some heavily loaded vehicles for work or heavy large cab models that carry more load/equipment can also benefit from the use of this kit, set up like the instructions show for 28” tires even though they have stock tires.

Some users also only use oversized tires part of the year. There are some notes in the instructions on how to set the adjustable flyweights for seasonal use of stock tires. Track systems are also a seasonal item, and are geared down internally, so they get set up similar to stock tires. If you have stock tires and tracks, you can leave it with stock clutching, If you use oversized tires most of the year, and use track system in winter season, there are settings in the kit for that application.

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