Dalton's patented Quick Adjust Cam Arms are available for Polaris models. This method of adjustment allows you to add or subtract mass from the main body of the flyweight without even removing the weights from the drive clutch. Like having many sets of flyweights in one kit. Uses 10 series curvature.

Check out the video featuring PowerModz installing this kit!

Product Specifications

Product Name:

Dalton's Quick Adjust Cam Arms for Polaris





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CAD $259.00 / USD $229.00


Aug 2015

Additional Notes:

QAP 1 58-65.5g
QAP 2 62-69.5g
QAP 3 66-73.5g
QAP-3B 68-75.5g
QAP-4 70-77.5g
QAP-5 73.5-81g


FAQ: Will Dalton recommend or tell me which components to use in my snowmobile application?

Answer: We would love to offer the "best set up" for every application, however, that is not what we do here. We manufacture a growing line of individual clutch tuning components based on customer demand. We are a supplier to clutch kit companies and shops who do that, and those who tune their own clutches. We do not make snowmobile clutch tuning recommendations, however, with “Quick Adjust”  flyweights, it is common to use a flyweight that will have at least some weight in it when used, and have a bit of adjustability as well. If you are unsure of your stock or existing flyweight you may be able to find out from a dealer. The empty and full base weights are listed after the part number.

If you prefer a packaged clutch kit or need help that is specific to your model some of the companies listed in the FAQ page may be able to help.

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