DCP-E  [Discontinued]

Fits most Ski Doo models with TRA all through ('92-2011) EXCEPT 583 engine and smaller, and the E-tec 800 2011+

DCP-O  [Discontinued]
E-tec 800 (2011 +)
This version of the TRA primary puller has shorter end pin length to fit the e-tec PTO end of the crank, which is different from the regular previous 800 engine.

P-Drive primary
This puller is for 2017 850cc two stroke with the new P-drive primary clutch.
All Skidoo TRA except 583 and smaller.
This puller has combined features and will fit All TRA applications of both the “E” and the “O” pullers.
replaces Skidoo# 529000064

Product Specifications

Product Name:

Primary Clutch Puller





For :


Suggested list price :

CAD $75.00 / USD $65.00


Jan 2008

Additional Notes:

Frequently Asked Question:

Is there a warranty on Dalton clutch pullers?


Yes, there is warranty for machining , accuracy, fit of threads, etc. for an application we state that it is for.

However, it is important that you know in advance that ANY puller can be bent in a clutch that is seized on, and there is no warranty on a bent puller. Mechanics in the industry have seen many times where a clutch has been torqued on too tight, or corroded/seized on the shaft and people have bent multiple pullers getting a clutch off. We have no control over some of those situations.

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