Dalton Quick adjust weights for Yamaha applications. This method of adjustment allows for adding or subtracting mass from the main body of the flyweight without even removing the flyweight from the clutch. Makes for Quick and easy testing and tuning. This series of Quick Adjust uses our "DPYR" curvature that has been very popular on the four stroke models. QAY and DTYA are the same series and curve, etc. Originally, we only went up to QAY-62, and the turbos came along in the RX/Apex sled versions and the DTYA ( Dalton Turbo Yamaha Adjustable) came along. As you can see there are more options now.

With Yamaha models it is important to know that the necessary "grams" needed for an application can vary widely because of the variety of flyweights and curvatures on the market. Even within Yamaha factory flyweights there is great variance in grams and curvature for the same HP. With the curvature and location of mass used on our Dalton "Quick Adjust" it will most likely be different grams required that stock. Example : The QAY 54 set is often used on stock 3 cylinder Nitro/Viper type four stroke applications (based on your own chosen springs and helixes, etc). This is very different from stock.

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AJ explains how Dalton Industries’ Quick Adjust Flyweights can help maximize power out of the Yamaha Sidewinder Turbo

Product Specifications

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Billet Quick Adjust Cam Arms





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CAD $285.00 / USD $255.00


Jan 2008

Additional Notes:

Available base weights:    
QAY-51 51-58.4g (Viper/Nitro. This one often for bigger tracks or mixed with some elevation)
QAY-54 54-61.4g  (popular with Nitro/Viper/Vector 3 cyl. stock models*)


 (often in RX-1 applications and some stock Apex application depending chosen other components*)

QAY-62 62-69.4g  (common with Apex applications.)



(some Yamacharger/Apex applications. Also some stock Sidewinders with some clutch recipes, and often with Sidewinder w/free flowing exhaust/ extra HP)



(often for boosted 180 HP Viper kits etc*, seems to be getting popular on lower version “trail” re-programmed Sidewinders with extra boost) more often used for 230-260 HP it seems, check with your programming company for specifics of the tune.

DTYA-1 74.5-81.9g  This set is now most often used with 250-290 level boosted/re-programmed Sidewinder models**, it was also common with  (common older low boost Apex/RX turbo applications)



(most common for many boosted RX/Apex applications*)



(a new heavier base weight for higher boost applications*)


*This seems to be some of the more popular applications as we hear it. Many add the Red Dalton DPSS-YMR secondary spring in the Apex/Nitro/Viper with button style secondary applications.

**There are also new secondary springs that are related to turbo four stroke tuning. For Sidewinder many use our DPSS-YBO, and the DPSS-YBT. See “secondary springs” for current info, as anything available will always be listed there.

The notes listed by the flyweight selections are for your reference only. This is just extra information that we often get asked. Dalton Industries is a component supplier for racers, those who tune their own clutches, and clutch kit companies. We do not, and have never made ANY clutch tuning “kits”, packages, or recommendations. The parts you choose to use will be your own decision. If you prefer, there are more notes and some clutch kit companies listed on the FAQ page of our site here.

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