DBO 1000R

DBO 1000R

Outlander 1000 - Stock and oversized tires.
Renegade 1000 - Oversized tires* (or stock size for sand use or high elevation)

* Renegade 1000 Stock Tire - for typical hard packed and mixed trail use at low elevation, the factory calibration has proven to work well for the stock tires.

The new 1000 Outlander and Renegade models from Can Am are powerful performers. We now offer a new adjustable clutch kit that was designed for this application. Improved bottom and mid performance and built in tuneability. Adjustable flyweights, and an included instruction manual and set up guide allows you to have one clutch kit that can be set up to optimize efficiency for different conditions and tire sizes. The set up guide includes tested set ups and applications for both Outlander and Renegade versions.When set up properly for your application there is no loss of top speed.

For 29.5"+ tire sizes also order part number DPSS-B/V Black/Violet secondary spring.

Product Specifications

Product Name:

2012-2015 CAN-AM Outlander 1000, Renegade 1000 4X4 ATV models


Clutch Kits


DBO 1000R

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CAD $269.00 / USD $242.00


Mar 2015

Additional Notes:

From Dirt Trax Magazine Vol. 14 No. 1

Seems like demand for large diameter mud tires is experiencing a resurgence despite this summer's dry conditions.Here's a tip we can pass on from the crew at Dirt Trax TV. If you've been following AJ in the trail tech shop you may have seen him installing a Dalton Pro clutch kit on our Can Am G-2 Outlander 1000 in conjunction with a ji-normous set of Silverback mud skins. The difference in performance with the kit and the tires versus the tires without the kit absolutely convinced us you should not buy one without the other.

Here is a link to the Dirt Trax TV trail tech episode

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