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Dalton Clutch Pullers are accurately machined from super tough 17-4 series stainless steel and heat treated to our specification.

We work with and have used many clutch pullers. These pullers have proven to be very durable.


Frequently Asked Question:

Is there a warranty on Dalton clutch pullers?


Yes, there is warranty for machining , accuracy, fit of threads, etc. for an application we state that it is for.

However, it is important that you know in advance that ANY puller can be bent in a clutch that is seized on, and there is no warranty on a bent puller. Mechanics in the industry have seen many times where a clutch has been torqued on too tight, or corroded/seized on the shaft and people have bent multiple pullers getting a clutch off. We have no control over some of those situations.


Product Specifications

Product Name:

Clutch Pullers





For :

Components and Tools

Suggested list price :

CAD $79.00 to CAD $99.00 / USD $69.00 to USD $89.00


Jan 2008

Additional Notes:

Available Clutch Puller Applications Dalton
Part #
Part #
All ATV (85-2010) except 550/850, and RZR models
MSRP $99 CAD / $89 USD
DCP-A 2870506
All snowmobiles through ‘98
(except domestic twins)
MSRP $99 CAD / $89 USD
DCP-A 2870506
97-99 domestic twins (500, 600, 700cc) DCP-B 2871855
2000-2023 domestic twins DCP-C
99-03 440 XC Edge
99-03 700/800 XCR
2011+ RZR 900XP
All late model Twin cyl 800/850 /Axis
MSRP $99 CAD / $89 USD
DCP-C 2872085
Polaris Patriot Boost, Polaris RZR PRO XP turbo DCP-T  
Arctic Cat    
All snowmobile models 1996-2009 (except 07 and up 1000cc two stroke, twin cyl four stoke Jaguar based models). DCP-D 0644207
ATV AC650 V Twin 4X4 only
MSRP $79 CAD / $69 USD
DCP-G 0444-161

ALL 2010-2023 engines; however, it MUST BE USED on the 2014-21  7000 series with Yamaha engine.
It can also be used in place of the older DCP-H, and DCP-N part numbers, and can be used on 2007-2011 1000cc 2-stroke and 1100cc 4-stroke engines.

- this puller is also used for the 2022+ Arctic 800 cc models with adapt primary.

MSRP $99 CAD / $89 USD
DCP-P 0744-080

2022, 23 Thundercat 998 ( only) w/adapt primary clutch
MSRP $99 CAD / $89 USD

TRA all through ('92-2011) EXCEPT 583 engine and smaller, and the E-tec 800 2011  [Discontinued] DCP-E 5290224

E-tech 2011  [Discontinued]
This version of the TRA primary puller has a shorter end length to fit the PTO end of the crank, which is different from previous 800 engine.


P-Drive primary
This puller is for 2017 850cc two stroke with the new P-drive primary clutch.
MSRP $79 CAD / $69 USD


All Skidoo TRA except 583 and smaller.
This puller has combined features and will fit All TRA applications of both the “E” and the “O” pullers.
MSRP $79 CAD / $69 USD

DCP-S 529000064
All YPZ/YXR DCP-F Y501882
Kawasaki (ATV)    
All 360,400,650,700 automatics 1999 & up
MSRP $79 CAD / $69 USD
DCP-G 5700-1429


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