ATV / UTV Racing

"Well guys......

We absolutely killed it with your clutch kit, I am happy to relay to you that we won the Baja 1000 with your Dalton clutch kit as well as the last BITD (Pahrump 250) last weekend. With that last win in Pahrump we also locked up the BITD Pro Turbo Championship. If all of that isn't a great selling point I don’t know what is! Once again your clutch kit worked phenomenal and didn't skip a beat. I’m going to be getting my program setup for 2017 and I would like to order some more kits from you."
-Branden Sims
Branden also wrote us previously about his win from the "Best In The Desert Series":

"My first race with the newly installed Dalton Clutch Kit resulted in a flawless race and a World Championship Title!" Couldn't be happier with my Dalton Clutch Kit. Great company and excellent customer service. Thank you!"